SAO: Alicization Rising Steel - Character Tier List

Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel Character Tier List
  • Ranking of SAO: Alicization Rising Steel characters from S-D

  • Is meant to be an overall rating of a characters usefulness for the purposes of general comparison.  It tries to take into consideration Min/Max Best-In-Role theory crafting, empirical play experience, PvE, PvP, and rarity of the role/element it fills.

  • All 4* characters are decent and usable for general content.

  • Comparisons are made assuming equal level (max) and without equipment.

Last Update: 01/02/2019 Added Kirito [Staring Lovingly] and Asuna [Smiling Lovingly]

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Tier List

Character Tier List

Changes From Previous Version

Kirito [Staring Lovingly] added to B Tier

Kirito [SL] is an AoE charger and physical debuffer.  He isn’t the best physical AoE, as Alice[OK] has a higher ATK, and he isn’t the best physical DPS support in his element, as Asuna [FF] has both a party damage up buff and an enemy defense down debuff.  Since he isn’t the best at any particular role, it felt like B Tier was the right place for him. However, his AoE has a charge and is strong with his above average ATK, so we placed him at the top of the B Tier.  For more on Kirito [SL] see his description below or a more detailed analysis in the Should You Pull article for his banner.

Asuna [Smiling Lovingly] added to C Tier

Asuna [SL] is a fine AoE healer, as she has above average MATK.  The biggest reason for her place on the Tier List is that her competition is just better, and there are a lot of options.  Ronie[BJ] and Leafa[MMS] are both stronger AoE Healers. Eydis[KoTA] and Asuna[UaWS] both have much better and more versatile additional effects that go along with their H skills.  The restriction for Asuna [SL] that the additional effect for her heal only benefits non-element allies is the tightest one we’ve seen so far, and makes her the most niche of the current AoE 4* healers.  For more on Asuna [SL] see her description below or a more detailed analysis in the Should You Pull article for his banner.

Ratings Explained

This Tier List Is meant to be an overall rating of a characters usefulness for the purposes of general comparison.  It tries to take into consideration Min/Max Best-In-Role theorycrafting, empirical play experience, PvE, PvP, and rarity of the role/element it fills. This is a lot to try to balance, and there is always an element of subjectivity that is involved.  Your personal needs/desires may be different.  Keep in mind that all 4* characters are usable.   Comparisons will be made assuming characters are at the same level: 100 and maxed skills without taking into consider equips. What it means to be:

  • S Tier - Best of the best.  A character that will make a game-changing difference when part of your roster, in any part of the game.

  • A Tier - A very good character that excels all-around and/or are the best at what they do.

  • B Tier - A solid all around performer.. Can fill a valuable role on many teams.

  • C Tier - A niche performer whose strengths have limited uses.

  • D Tier - Their skills and role are either not particularly valuable, or very limited in use.

Although we don’t try to specifically rate each character within their Tier, we do attempt to order them in their relative value, left being higher.

Current Meta

On healing:  In the current state of the game, healing is a bit unbalanced.  AoE heals are very powerful in terms of the output they can produce.   The best AoE heals can heal a party almost entirely to full. The weak AOE heals can often keep a party reasonably out of danger, even on tough content, where bosses deliver hard hitting AoE attacks.  This means ST healing is currently subpar, and AoE healing is a bit OP. Thus, healer character ratings will reflect this until the meta changes and ST healing has a niche.

On PvP:  For PvP, the current meta is all about speed.  AoE damage is also strong enough compared to ST where AoE is generally preferable to ST.  Thus, high SPD characters with AoE attacks will generally see a boost in their ratings due to PvP usage.  The Tier list tries to balance PvE and PvP, which is not so simple, though we are considering making a pure PvP Tier List in the future.

S Tier

The best of the best.  A character that will make a game-changing difference when part of your roster, in any part of the game.

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

D Tier

Their skills and role are either not particularly valuable, or very limited in use.

S Tier Character Analysis

Alice [Osmanthus Knight]


Alice [Osmanthus Knight] is an earth element sword proficiency character with an ABE skill set and an AoE incarnate skill. She boasts a very hight ATK stat and strong physical AOE Assault and Incarnate Skills.  Alice[OK] is the premier farmer and wave clear in the game, but do not underestimate her use in boss fights. 

The main things that Alice lacks is a very strong ST option to make her a better boss killer and an Enhance that buffs her attack. Her passives are average, with a Break increase and an increase in critical damage versus water element. She is a very strong overall unit that will be useful for many teams. That said, she is an earth element, so watch out for wind element fights. Will she ever be dethroned as the AoE queen?

Eydis [Knight of the Abyss]

SAO:ARS Eydis KotA

Eydis [Knight of the Abyss] as a dark element sword proficiency character with an HAE skillset and a ST physical Incarnate Skill. She has the highest SPD of any 4* character, is tied for the highest crit (with Asuna[FF]), and is third in ATK (behind Alice[OK] and Kirito[AED]).  She has one of the lowest DEF and MDEF stats.

Her skills lean her toward the attacker role, with some healing thrown in as a bonus.  As her most unique Skill, she has an H that is a (weak) AOE heal combined with a (strong) AOE Magic attack.  This ability packs a lot of utility, gives her an AOE attack which is still relatively rare among 4* attackers, and in many cases can handle the healing burden, freeing up what would have been a healing turn for damage or support instead. The drawback is that Eydis has a below average MATK stat. This means her AOE damage will be significantly lower than the current AOE queen Alice[OK], and the healing portion will be much lower than the AOE healing leader (Ronie[BJ]).  Her Assault and Incarnate attacks are ST and physical, and being only slightly behind the leading ST attacker (Kirito AED) in ATK, she is the second strongest in the game. Her E-skill is subpar, as it is just a Break without damage that may require swapping and delaying to use effectively.

Her passives are useful on-element, and useless off, as they reduce damage taken by light element enemies and increase healing for dark element allies.

Eydis is a very strong, if not THE strongest PvP (Ordinal) character.  She has the fastest speed of any 4*, which means she will always be one of the first to act.  She is also tied with Asuna[FF] for the highest current crit. Combine this with decent AOE and strong ST attacks, and heal thrown in for good measure, and you have a serious PvP threat.

Eydis’ biggest weakness is her defense.  She trades utility and high ATK potential for the lowest DEF and MDEF of any 4* gacha character in the game. This puts her at risk of dying quickly to strong attacks in difficult content.

A Tier Character Analysis

Asuna [Upon a Wishing Star]

SAO:ARS Asuna WuaS

Asuna [Upon a Wishing Star] is a light element rapier proficient character with a BAH skillset and an AOE magic attack Incarnate Skill.  As a rapier weapon user, she is only the second rapier specialized 4* in the game, the other being her non-elemental version [Fierce Flash].

Stacia’s (as we’ll call Asuna [Upon a Wishing Star]) stats and skills lean her towards the role of magic attacker and supporter, and she excels at both.  She has the highest MATK of any character, which in turn can lead to the highest ST damage in the game. Further, although her heal is listed as weak, it can still get close to 4,000 depending on her weapon, as well as buff the entire team for 20%+ matk. If that was not enough, she is also equipped with a break, making her great for boss fights.

Stacia’s weakness lies in a poor attack stat for her physical break, lack of physical support, and an AOE heal that could potentially be too weak to perform as main healer in some situations.  Moreover, her ATK and CRIT stat are one of the lowest (even if her assault uses MATK, her break still is ATK) lowest. Overall, she is a very strong character that will find a spot on any team that isn’t purely maximized for physical dps.

Kirito [All-Enveloping Darkness]


Kirito [All-Enveloping Darkness] is a dark element sword proficiency character with an ABE skillset and a Single Target physical Incarnate Skill.  He has the second highest ATK( behind Alice[OK]), very high HP, a below average MP, and is average or above average in everything else.

With his extra strong ST Assault and Incarnate Skills, Kirito[AED] is a premier boss killer and has the highest overall ST damage output in the game.  On top of that, his dark element means he isn’t weak to any other element, which makes him a strong attacker candidate against any enemy. He has a medium strength 50% break that also applies a 10% ATK debuff.  His E skill protects the party with a 20% physical defense up buff.

His passives are on-element, and the increased break is welcome. The reduced damage from light is fine, but as an attacker it would have been better to see more damage here.

In PvP Kirito is average.  His ST damage is nice, and he has the potential to 1 shot crit people, but since his speed is average he may never get a chance to use it. 

The main thing that Kirito lacks is an AOE option to make him a better all-around attacker option. His E skill and passives are a bit disappointing in that they don’t contribute to his role as a main attacker.

Ronie [Budding Justice]


Ronie [Budding Justice] is a light element sword proficiency character with an HAE skillset and an AOE Magic Attack Incarnate Skill.  She has the second highest MATK stat in the game, second only to Stacia. Paired with her extra strong single target magic attack with a 3 turn DOT, and her AOE Magic attack Incarnate Skill, she is the second strongest magic attacker currently in play.  As one of only 2 4* characters with medium AOE heal (and none with stronger) her high magic affinity makes her the strongest healer available.

Her Enhance skill can be useful, but basically serves as a break without damage.  Ronies passives (damage reduction from dark, and increased healing for light) are strong on-element but useless otherwise.  In PvP, Ronie’s relatively high speed and light element make her an excellent counter to the popular Kirito. Add that to being the best AOE healer to counter Alice[OK]s AOE damage, and she is a very strong choice for Ordinal.

Her main weakness is her magic defense and HP, which is the lowest of all 4* gacha characters, making her susceptible to death from strong magic attacks. 

Leafa [Merciless Magical Swordsman]


Leafa [Merciless Magic Swordsman] is a wind element sword proficiency character with a HAE skillset and an AOE physical Incarnate skill. She has an above average ATK stat, and has very high MP and SPD stats. 

She has a medium strength AOE heal, and having a high MATK stats, she is suited to the role.  As a support her E skill can increase Incarnate Charge and allows for more group flexibility, but as it requires a target, has no damage, and often requires repositioning, it is a situational skill. Her passives are on-element and decent, as she gets a damage buff against earth enemies (which is where her damage will be desired), though the healing bonus is less impressive.

PvP is a current strong point for Leafa, as she has very high speed. This will allow her to act early and will be a great counter to any Earth element characters.

Leafa’s biggest weakness is the “jack of all trades, master of none” syndrome.  Since her skills are split between magic and physical, she doesn’t get to be the best at either one.  Also, she has very low DEF  MADF, and a low HP, making her quite fragile.

Asuna [Fierce Flash]


Asuna [Fierce Flash] is a non-element rapier proficiency character with a CAE skillset and ST Attack Incarnate Skill.  She is one of only 2 non-element 4*s (the other being Alice[AKR]) and one of 2 rapier proficiency (the other being Asuna[WuAS]).  Compared to other 4*s she has above average DEF, the second highest MADEF, the highest CRIT, and is tied for the second highest SPD.

Asuna’s strongest role is as offensive physical support.  Her Assault attack has a built in 20% physical defense debuff, and her E skill gives the party a 20% physical attack buff.  Along with a Charge Skill to build up that incarnate, she is the complete offensive support package, and is any physical attackers best friend (including herself). Her passives are great on-element, but worthless off, as they are a damage and charge increase to non-elemental enemies only.

Her high speed also contributes well to her support role, allowing her to act before her main attackers to apply her buffs and debuffs.  This, along with her high CRIT stat, is also a boon in PvP, as she will often get one of the first strikes to take out an enemy threat.

Asuna’s biggest weakness is her below average ATK stat.  She does make up for it a bit with her own support and having the highest CRIT value, but it hurts her contribution to overall damage.  She also is tied for the lowest HP, making her susceptible to burst damage, but this is offset a bit with high DEF and MADEF stats.

B Tier Character Analysis

Kirito [Staring Lovingly]


Kirito [SL] is a non-element sword proficiency character with a CAE skillset and an AOE physical Incarnate skill.  He has above average ATK and HP, and is average in everything else. Notably, this Kirito is not significantly below average in any given area.

Kirito [SL] fills the role of charger and physical attack buffer.  His charge is an AoE attack with a (strong) modifier, his Assault skill is a standard (extra strong) physical single target attack, and his AoE Incarnate Skill is AoE. All three are physical damage, taking advantage of his good ATK stat.  His E skill provides an AoE 20% physical damage up, great for supporting physical damage dealers. As a non-element, Kirito [SL] has the advantage of faring well against non-element enemies, and not being weak to any particular element. This makes him a little more flexible as a support for use in any element team.

Kirito [SL] has average speed and a decent AoE attack.  His AoE might make him worth considering in PvP (Ordinal)  for some players, though most will likely have better options.  Kirito [SL]s greatest weakness is also a strength: his average-ness.  He isn’t weak in any specific area, but he doesn't particularly stand out in any area, either, making him less desirable outside of non-element enemies. Also, from the standpoint of pure physical support, there are better options.  

Overall, Kirito[SL] is a strong attacking non-element character with an AoE option, charge, and good physical damage support.  Though he is not the best AoE attacker, nor the best physical damage support, the combination will surely earn him a spot against non-element opponents, and make him worth considering for off-element physical damage teams.

Asuna [Resting Goddess]


Asuna [RG] is a wind element rapier proficiency character with a CAH skillset and an AOE magic Incarnate skill.  Her best stat is MADEF, where she is tied for second highest in the game with her non-elemental counterpart Asuna[FF] (second to Tiese FD).  She has above average DEF and CRIT, slightly above average SPD, and below average ATK.

Asuna [RG]s most useful role seems to be as a utility character, as she brings Charge, Break, AoE and ST abilities all in one package.  Her most unique skill is her AoE Magic Assault Skill that has a 25% Break. Since her MATK is rather average, the strength of this AoE will be rather average as well.  In current content, break is only really necessary against single Boss enemies. This decreases the value of an AOE Break.

The charge skill is a standard ST (medium) physical attack that gains 20%.  Her most niche skill is her selfish H, which is a ST (strong) self-only heal with a 20% MATK up buff.  With ST healing being generally inferior to AoE healing, that it is self-only and not targetable, and since there other characters that can bring the MATK buff for the whole party, this skill seems quite underwhelming.

Asuna [RG] has an above average speed and a decent AoE attack, making her an above average PvP(Ordinal) character worth considering for PvP.

Asuna’s biggest weakness is her underwhelming 3rd skill.  It is a niche skill that won’t find many uses. Her below average ATK stat is also not ideal, though is less of an issue as her best attacks are magic.  The fact that she is “average” at most things and doesn’t really stand out in anything (other than a magic AoE assault skill) will make her less useful for people that already have a large character roster.

Sortiliena [Noble Aspiration]

SAO:ARS Sortiliena NA

Sortiliena [Noble Aspiration] is a water element sword proficiency character with an ABH skillset and ST physical attack Incarnate Skill.  She has very high HP and DEF, making her a rather tough and tanky character. She also has an above average ATK.

Her skills and stats are a bit of an odd mix.  Her assault and Incarnate skills are both physical ST attacks that are supported by her high ATK stat, one of the highest, making her the strongest water element ST attacker. Her 50% break, however, is a Magic attack that inflicts a Magic resistance down debuff on the enemy.  With one of the lowest MATK skills among 4*s, this attack is low in the damage department. It seems odd that a character built as a physical attacker would have a debuff to support magic attackers, as in an ideal group comp you probably wouldn’t be trying to support both magic and physical attackers at the same time.  Sortiliena [NA] is another character that suffers from the current healing imbalance, as her ST heals are subpar and often find little use in a game where AoE healers are better equipped to handle the healing burden.

Her on-element passives of increased break and crit damage are welcome additions.  Her average speed and lack of an AOE make her an average to below average PvP character.

Sortilinea’s biggest weakness is her kit.  It’s just an odd mix that doesn’t synergize well with her best role, which is as a durable, tanky attacker.

Eldrie [Rose Garden Knight]


Eldrie [Rose Garden Knight] is a water element sword proficiency character with CAA skillset and an AOE physical Incarnate skill. He currently has the highest DEF stat, is tied for the highest MP (with Leafa), and has the third highest Crit (with Asuna and Yuuki first and second). That said, he has average Atk and MAtk stats.

Eldrie can apply a 20% physical defense down debuff with his “strong” ST Assault Skill, gaining a valuable debuff (especially on bosses) on top of the damage. Further, he possesses both a Physical AoE assault (one of only 2 4*s to have one, the other being Alice[OK]), as well as a Magical AoE Charge. Eldrie works well in two roles: defense debuffer and cleaner (aka finishing off any remaining low HP foes).  His passives include an increase in Break by 20% (not exactly helpful for a character without a B), and a 15% increased Crit rate, which is welcome for a unit that has such a high Crit value. 

Eldrie’s biggest weakness is his Speed, the lowest of all 4*.  Although his high Defense can allow him to survive a first round of attack, it is undesirable to have your debuffer as the last turn.  Effectively utilizing his debuff may require liberal use of the “stay” command, which is a waste of MP, or getting fancy with back-row swapping.  The low speed can also be detrimental in PVP if he is not geared properly.

Alice [Childhood Memories]


Alice [Childhood Memories] is a light element dagger proficiency character with an ABH skillset and an AEO magic attack incarnate skill.  As a welfare character (free to acquire), she has a lower overall stat budget than the 4* gacha-only characters. Thus, she is near the bottom of the pack in all stats except for speed, where she is slightly above average.

Her skillset makes her a decent all-around magic attacker and healer, with an AOE magic assault and Incarnate Skills, a 40% break, and an H that AOE heals for multiple turns. She has good AoE healing and can often satisfy main healing requirements.

Her passives are on-element and useful, reducing her damage taken by dark enemies, and increasing her break against them.

Lolice will find a place in the PvP roster for a lot of players, especially f2p, because of her above average speed and AoE attack.  She becomes a little less impressive when stacked up against characters all at max level, and the recent addition of Eydis to the PvP scene might hamper her usability.

Kid Alice’s biggest weakness is her low stat totals.  That being said, like the other welfares, she is easy to MLB to level 100, and will compare more favorably against lower level 4* gacha characters.

C Tier Character Analysis

Tiese [Fiery Resolve]


Tiese [Fiery Determination] is a fire element sword proficiency with a CAE skillset and an AOE magical Incarnate skill. She is currently the only 4* fire character. She has the highest MDEF of all 4* characters. 

Tiese is one of only 2 4* characters with a party wide 20% MATK buff (the other being Asuna [WuAS]). Having one of the highest MATK stats, she takes great benefit to the buff she provides - and she is a great addition to a magical team as a charger and buffer.  Tiese has an “extra strong” single target physical Assault skill, however - and unfortunate for Tiese - its strength is based off ATK instead of MATK. Her Charge is an ST magic attack, but only "Medium" strength, making her high MATK a bit wasted (other than her Incarnate).

Her passives provide 20% increase in Charge, and 15% in CRIT. More charge is always welcome, and the 15% increase in CRIT is helpful for her, since she does have above average CRIT.

That said, Tiese has been greatly outshined by Asuna [Upon a Wishing Star], the latter being able to not only provide the same MATK buff, but a heal on top of it, while also having a better MATK stat. Further, Tiese is quite slow, having the second slowest Speed stat in the 4* pool (with Eldrie being the slowest).  She may be a good choice facing a Magical team due to her high MDef, but outside of that there may be better choices.

Eugeo [Blooming Rose]


Eugeo [Blooming Rose] is a water element sword proficiency character with a CAH skillset and an AOE physical Incarnate Skill.  Eugeo very high HP, below average DEF and crit, and for all other stats is near the average.

Eugeo fills the role of a ST Healer and charger.  Unfortunately for him, in the current state of the game the top level AOE healers can already fill the entire teams health to almost full.  So an ST heal that has more power brings no extra value at the cost of healing only 1 person. Perhaps things will change at some point, but for now, an ST healer is an unproductive role.  As a charger, Eugeo also leaves a bit to be desired. His lower than average speed makes him act later than most attackers, which leaves potential situations where position juggling (or waiting) must be done to get the Incarnation Skill in the hands of your primary attackers.

His passives are on-element, and the one that increases his charage gain is decent.  His other passive, however, doesn’t fit well with his stat line as it increases crit damage despite him having a below average crit stat.

Eugeo is not a good Ordeal choice in the current meta.  He gets destroyed by Alice[OK], who is one of the most common PvP opponents, and his slightly below average speed means he will be late to act.

Eugeos weaknesses are that he is very “average”, doesn't stand out in any particular aspect, and has faults that contradict the roles he would lean toward playing.

Asuna [Smiling Lovingly]


Asuna [SL] is a non-element rapier proficiency character with a with an HAE skillset and a ST physical Incarnate Skill.  She has a high MDEF, above average MATK, DEF, and SPD, and below average ATK and MP.

Asuna[SL] fills the healer/buffer role, especially effective for non-element teams.  Her Heal skill is an AoE (weak) heal that also raises the physical defense of non-elemental party members.  With her above average MATK and with AoE healing being quite effective in the current meta, she should often be able to handle the main healing role for most content, but will be especially strong for non-element teams against physical damage dealing enemies.  Because non-element lacks elemental weakness, she may find use as a healer on some off-element teams. Her Assault skill is a straightforward (strong) single target physical attack, and her Enhance Skill is a 2.25 charge boost.

Asuna [SL] has fairly high speed and an AoE heal.  Though not necessarily one of the strongest PvP choices, she is definitely worth considering and will find a place on many Ordinal teams.  Asuna[SL] has several weaknesses. The most obvious one is that her Heal only buffs non-elemental allies, making her far less effective off-element.  Another weakness is that her Skills are split between magic and physical. Thus, her physical Assault skill not only suffers from her below average ATK stat, but also from a lower modifier (strong instead of extra strong).  Though her E skill gains the player flexibility in group composition, it effectively acts as a slightly faster charge attack without damage, making its benefits situational.

Overall, Asuna [SL] is an AoE healer that will especially shine in a party of non-element allies against physical damage dealing enemies, and will be a contender for usage in PvP.  Outside of that, however, players that already have one of the other 4* gacha AOE healers will find she is outclassed in most other situations.

Yuki [Engraved in Stone]


Yuuki [Engraved in Stone] is a dark element sword proficiency character with CAH skillset and a ST physical attack Incarnate Skill. She’s tied with Leafa for the second highest speed stat in the game, and has the second highest CRIT stat, but she is below average in ATK.

Her skills include a Charge which provides a medium ST physical attack, and an Assault that provides a “strong” ST physical attack. While her assault is easily overshadowed by other characters such as Kirito [AED], her charge synergizes well with her high speed stats. Her third skill is a strong ST self-heal along with a 50% evasion buff. Although the evasion buff is unique, the fact that the skill is ST, can only be applied to herself, and isn’t 100% guaranteed, leaves it undependable and thus not strategically useful.

Her passives are an increase of 20% charge against light enemies and 30% damage reduction against light enemies. These passives do help strengthen her charge and make her last longer in light element fights.

Yuuki’s weakness comes from her poor damage output. Although her speed is great, often you will be left hoping for more damage. Her modifiers are both medium and strong for ST which are subpar when compared to many other characters that have the same modifiers even for AoE, and her heal with evasion could have been great but doesn’t quite cut it as it is. Unfortunately Yuuki may leave players feeling as if something is missing when compared to other 4* gacha characters.

Alice [Dreaming of Home]


Alice [DoH] is a wind element sword proficiency character with a BAE skillset and a ST Physical Incarnate Skill.  She has the highest HP and DEF of any 4* character, the lowest MP, and below average ATK and MATK.

Alice [DoH]s best role seems to be one of durability and buffer/debuffer.  Her Break is a 50% ST (strong) physical attack with a 10% MATK Down debuff.  On her ST (extra strong) physical Assault skill the debuff is physical resistance down by 20%.  These additional debuffs will be useful against magic attack enemies and for physical attack party members (including herself). Her E skill buffs the party with 20% physical resistance up.

As a debuffer/buffer, her benefits are spread between MATK down and Phys Def down as debuffs, and phys def up as a buff.  Buffers/debuffers have niches that they shift towards. They are naturally stronger in situations that utilize their niche, and weaker in situations that don’t.

Alice [DoH] has an average Speed, no AoE skills, and below average attack stats.  This makes her not a great option for PvP.
Alice [DoH]s greatest weakness is that her strength niche doesn’t really have a place in any of the current game modes.  Also, her skills don’t play to those strengths. As a high HP high DEF character, she is very durable and survivable. Nothing in the current game really requires this amount of survivability, and it comes at the cost of below average attack stats.

D Tier Character Analysis

Selka [Being Me]


Selka [Being Me] is a wind element dagger proficiency character with a CAE skillset and an AOE magic attack Incarnate Skill.  As a welfare (free to obtain) character, she has a lower stat budget than her 4* gacha-only colleagues. She is at or near the bottom in every stat category except for MP and crit, where she is still below average.

Selka fills the role of a charger and physical defense buffer.  Her charge and ST assault abilities are typical for a welfare 4*, meaning they are slightly less effective than their gacha counterparts.  As a buffer, she provides a 20% physical defense buff for all allies. It can be noted here that same-type buffs do not stack. So if you have Alice [DoH], for example, you cannot stack their physical defense buffs.

Her passives are on-element, and good.  Increased crit damage and charge percent are both welcome.

Selka’s slow speed and lack of an AoE makes her a poor choice for PvP.  There are much better options, even among 3* characters.

Like all welfare characters, Selka’s biggest weakness is her low stat base. However,  being easily MLBd to level 100 will make up some of that difference for players without LBd characters already.  That being said, she is a decent option for Earth element battles where a charger or physical defense buff is needed.

Sortiliena [Young Serlut Style]

SAO:ARS Sortiliena YSS

Sortiliena [Young Serlut Style] is a water element dagger proficiency character with a CAH skillset and an ST physical attack Incarnate Skill.  As a welfare (free to obtain) character, she has a lower stat budget than her 4* gacha-only colleagues. She’s last in HP and DEF, and bottom 3 in everything else except for MP, which, surprisingly enough, she’s 3rd overall highest.

Her skills lean her toward a charge/healing role, as she has a skill for each.  Unfortunately, her heal is ST, and in the current healing meta, ST healing is strictly subpar to AoE healing.  Her assault skill being an AoE attack is a welcome addition.

Her passives are on-element, and ok.  Increased crit damage percent isn’t great for a character with low crit values, but the increase charge percent is welcome.

Lolinea’s slow speed makes her not ideal for PvP.  However, she will probably not be targeted first, and her aoe damage could find a use later in the turn.

Young Sortiliena’s biggest weakness is her low stat base from being a welfare.  The advantage she has is that she can easily be MLBd, and at level 100 she will compare better to her level 80 gacha teammates.

Alice [A Knight's Resolve]


Alice [A Knight’s Resolve] is a non-element sword proficiency character with an ABE skillset and an AOE physical attack Incarnate skill.  As a “welfare” character that players can get for free, her overall stat budget is lower than characters obtained via the premium gacha. She has the second lowest ATK and MATK of all 4*s, the lowest MDEF and Speed, and is below average in all other stats except HP where she is average.

Her skills lean her toward the role of tank, as she is the only 4* with a provoke (taunt) ability.  However, her low defense stats make her a rather fragile tank. Her base break is only 40% (low for a 4*), and her E physical defense up support is only single target, where the E skills for most 4* characters are party-wide with the same level of effects.  Even some 3* characters out-class her in this regard.

Her passives are on-element, and not that great, as the break increase is small, and the increased damage percentage doesn’t do much for a low ATK character.  Defensive passives would have been more in line with her role.

She is the worst option for PvP of all 4*s, as she has the lowest speed, low attack, and no elemental advantage.

The best thing about Alice [AKR] is that she can be easily MLBd, and at level 100 she will compare more favorably to her level 80 gacha counterparts.


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