Shadowverse Announces Upcoming Card Set, Verdant Conflict!

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Sept 10th 2019 - Japanese Game Developer Cygames announces newest Card Set for their competitive Card Game Shadowverse, titled Verdant Conflict!

- Set releases on September 25th, with a total of 114 cards.  97 and 2 Leader Cards will be released at the end of September, with 17 more in November.

New Story: "Naterra"

Shadowverse's story will introduce a new world called, "Naterra."  According to the press release, players will "Navigate your way through the evergreen and divided land of Naterra alongside familiar comrades."  Card previews and information can be found on the Verdant Conflict Special Page and trailer below!

Shadowverse Verdant Conflicts Special Page

New Card Trait and Effect

Verdant Conflict will introduce a total of 114 cards, including 2 Leader Cards.  97 cards and the Leaders will be released at the end of September, while the remaining 17 will be released in November.

This card set will add the new "Natura" trait and Crystallize mechanic to Shadowverse, allowing for even more play possibilities!  

Crystallize is a follower effect which allows players to play cards as an amulet for the Crystallize cost if they do not have enough play points to play the card at its original cost.  


Prerelease allows players to buy cards from Verdant Conflict before the official launch date!  They will be available from September 18-24th.  Prerelease comes with the following benefits:

  • Playable in a special Rotation mode for Private Matches and Practice Modes.  Cards from the 10th-14th (Verdant Conflict) set as usable.
  • Up to 100 packs can be purchased, at the price of 100 Crystals per pack!
  • Exclusive bonuses are available for pre-release purchasers depending on the number of packs bought, to be announced later.
  • Early access to Leader Cards and Emblems - these can be used right away!

Card Pack Points Trade

With this new update, purchased card packs will yield card pack points.  These points can be traded for legendary cards or leader cards.  Obtaining these cards for the first time through trading points will also yield other items such as emblems.  

Card Pack Points can only be redeemed for cards and items within the set that the packs are bought from (i.e. Points from Rebirth of Glory can only be redeemed for Rebirth of Glory Cards).

Hmm...  Could this be the system they talked about during the interview at Anime Expo?

card point packs

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