Should You Summon: Elite Fair (Mankind's Strongest Solider)

New Levi banner

A guide on whether you should summon on the new Sky Blue Levi banner

Levi (Sky Blue)

Levi blue

Levi 'Mankind's Strongest Solider' lives up to his name being the most powerful ODM unit combined with his 5 hits allows him to cause unwavering destruction on any titan in his path. If this was not already enough, he has the ability to stun titans on every hit providing greater survivability for the whole team.

While his main strength is on the field, he is also equipped with an excellent large ranged AoE SP that will deal considerable amounts of damage. His only noticeable weakness is an average HP stat combined with a high hp loss rate leading to his HP depleting fairly quickly compared to other units.

Even if you don't manage to pull Mankind's Strongest Soldier, he makes for a great friend leader due to his 20% atk buff to survey corps! 

Rates for 5 ★

Notable Characters

  • Levi (Sky Blue) 0.7% (Featured)
  • Sasha (Jet Black) 0.7% (Featured)
  • Levi (Jet Black) 0.145%
  • Hange (Silver) 0.145%
  • Armin (Yellow) 0.145%
  • Oruo (Silver) 0.145%
  • Jean (Crimson) 0.145%
  • Annie (Crimson) 0.145%

Should You Summon?

Final Verdict: 9/10

An overall amazing banner featuring the new best ODM unit combined with sasha an incredible healer, makes this one of the best valued banners. Not only that, it contains some great unfeatured units such as Armin (Yellow), Oruo, Hange (Silver) and Levi (Jet black) improving the odds of getting a powerful unit. It also comes with 4 half anniversary tickets per multi further increasing the value of the banner. 

Therefore this is an excellent banner choice to spend your crystals and is only outclassed by the guaranteed 5 star ticket banners which will likely not be seen for quite some time. However, if you already have Erwin (Crimson), Levi (Jet Black) or Bertholdt (Halloween), it may be less desirable to pull as you can still use this new powerful unit as a friend leader. 


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