Should You Summon: Halloween Banner and Event Overview

Halloween Banner

A guide on whether you should summon on the Halloween Banner and a Brief Description of the event featuring 3 star Reiner Braun (Halloween Edition) 

Jean Kirstein (Halloween)

Jean (Halloween)

A new powerful addition to the 3 cost assault unit roster, dealing damage similar to that of Nanaba and Conny (Jet black). While both these units have AoE SP, Jean is the first unique assault unit that will deal damage to a single titan while deploying him as an offensive unit. His proficiency upgrades will provide him with a higher critical hit rate percentage and a very fast SP charge rate. 

Annie Leonhart (Halloween)

Annie (Halloween)

The weakest unit out of the new batch, while she is able to fulfil her role as an AoE unit she does not provide anything unique or special that makes her stand out in comparison to other AoE units. Her most notable point outside being AoE is her SP that will deal minor damage to all titans in range and deal blind damage (Blind= Guaranteed chance for critical hits). While Annie is 4 cost, she is limited to a heavily restricted tag (Military Police) much like her training corps counterpart. 

Bertholdt Hoover (Halloween)

Bertholdt (Halloween)

The best unit of the batch and one of the best offensive ODM units in the game. He is the only non-drive unit with 5 total hits and is even able to rival the damage output of these units without the drawback of needing to build up damage. Bertholdt has also introduced a new healing ability, which allows him to regain hp for every titan he defeats (Avg 500-600) but overall it is mediocre outside of easier stages due to no varying healing amounts between large or small titans. His only downside is his situational 5 cost single target SP that will likely only be used on Boss Titans. 

Rates for 5 ★

Notable Characters

  • Jean (Halloween Edition) 1% (Featured) 
  • Annie (Halloween Edition) 0.153%
  • Bertholdt (Halloween Edition) 0.153%
  • Oruo (Silver) 0.153%
  • Ymir (Sky Blue) 0.153%
  • Annie (Crimson) 0.153%
  • Jean (Crimson) 0.153%

Featured Halloween Units will rotate every 2 days with the banner ending on the 1st of November. In addition there will be an upcoming banner featuring all 3 new Halloween Units with lower featured pull rates. 

Should You Summon?

Final Verdict: 7/10

While this banner has 2 new powerful units Jean and Bertholdt, it is crowded with less desirable units such as Rico, Reiner (Sky blue) and Historia (Gold) lowering the overall value of the banner. However as this banner provides tickets for the half anniversary ticket banner it generally provides better value than usual banners. 

Therefore this banner is a good choice for new players lacking powerful units but may be less desirable to older players that currently have a limited amount of crystals. I would recommend saving until the 31st if you plan on summoning for Bertholdt as a new elite fair banner will drop that may outclass these units. 

Midnight Reaper: Titan Elimination 1

A new seasonal event featuring 3 star Reiner Braun (Halloween) that will be upgradeable to 5 star through playing the event. Various Sky Blue proficiency materials and character souls will also be obtainable through the event shop.

This event favors the Sky Blue element so it is recommended to use units such as Bertholdt, Levi (Swimsuit), Ymir, Hange, Moblit, Annie (Halloween), Reiner (Halloween), Petra and Long-range Restraint Weapon. AoE SP units will be especially useful in the later stages as many fast titans will appear in groups that are able to grab your offensive units.

As always Gear Requirements are most important when clearing high difficulty stages followed by type advantage so if you can't beat a stage try again once your more prepared!

Reiner Braun (Halloween)

Reiner (Halloween)

Reiner Braun is a unique event character with the ability to target titans with the highest HP on the field and has continued the trend of free units having really good stats that are comparable to gacha units. He is also a Sky Blue unit which are currently severely lacking in strong units making him a great choice for a mono blue team. His SP provides him with a further ATK boost and being 4 cost allows him to be very cost effective in his role of damage dealing. 

Don't miss this opportunity to recruit this powerful fighter to your team!


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