SINoALICE Community Loses Hope

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Removal From App Store

  • SINoALICE was removed from Google Play and the App Stores
  • Cited localization issues, but it's probably from layoffs happening in Nexon's North American branch
  • Memes ensue, playerbase is looking grim
  • Game is highly profitable in JP so it's hard to tell where this is going

Recently players awaiting the global release of SINoALICE have noticed its removal from the Google Play and App Stores. 

This is another of a series of harrowing events regarding the global release, which was delayed indefinitely on July 16th, 2019 (source). The Facebook post cited localization issues as the cause of the delay:

 ...we have come to the conclusion that the localization quality of SINoALICE is nowhere near perfect at this stage of development.

However, the announcement being posted two days before the scheduled release alarmed many readers. Recent news of publisher Nexon consolidating and closing their North American branch has also been circulating as a result of the LinkedIn post made by manager Chris Jung (source). 

Community Reactions


Many are skeptical as to whether Nexon will follow through with the Western release. Others are hoping Square Enix will choose another publisher (source), though that course of action would involve sacrificing all costs already sunk into the project. 

Reddit users from r/SINoALICE_en Kiermara17 and kevinelguapo express resignation:

Here’s the thing bucko bears, I know how much we would love to play this game. But look how shafted we are getting even prior to this games release. Do we really want to invest our time into something that is not going to last? We know we’ve got a player base but this level it’s not going to last due to the sole fact of this corporation. Big caution for investing time & money into something we know will not last.

Well... it's been a good ride

Gonna unsub and move on mentally from this game until good news breaks again if ever. Take it easy boys

While others, in Internet fashion, shitpost:


It’s possible the team responsible for localizing SINoALICE no longer works at Nexon. Or it could just be the person in charge of social media and the PR account-- hence the silence. 


Truthfully... either scenario is possible. Without any announcements or communication regarding the state of the game, it’s hard to gauge the state of production. The comment about localization issues could be truthful, with the NA office closing slowing down the translation even further. But with the announcement coming so last-minute, more could be going on beneath the surface.

GamePress has reached out to the publisher and will update this article with any new information or developments. Our Wiki will also remain in place awaiting the eventual release or, if none comes, as a resource for English-speaking JP players.

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