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Creating Content

Most content on the GamePress Site is built as a Basic Page. For more info on how to create a Basic Page and fill out the fields, see this document.

Header 2 and Text Boxes

The SINoALICE GamePress site places ads around chunks of content called Topics. These are each punctuated by a Header 2, which can be hidden by checking the box for "Hide Topic Title." 

Regardless of the choice made here, Topic Titles will be used to create the Table of Contents at the top of each Basic Page. 

You can also make a Header 2 in Basic HTML.

Header 3

A Header 3 can be made in two ways.

  • First, making a separate Header 3 Paragraph by clicking "Add Paragraph" at the bottom of a Topic.
  • Highlighting text in a box set to "Basic HTML" and selecting Header 3 under "Format".

Heading 4 looks like this.

Multiple Heading 4s can create a bulleted list. 

Elaborate on each header in normal text below. The Epic Seven Reroll Guide does this in the first section, detailing a step-by-step process.

Heading 5 is regular bolded text.
Heading 6 is also regular bolded text, shows up even smaller on the page editing back-end.

More Info on Text Boxes

See the guide on the Fate/Grand Order Wiki for more details on how to use Basic, Restricted and Full HTML as well as Markdown.

TIP: Sublime Text is a very useful application for viewing and editing text with HTML tags. 

For text with a background color, use an HTML table as such:

<table border="0">


<th bgcolor="#e3f6ff">Text Goes Here</th>



For the BG color, any light blue or gray that matches the site theme works. 

SINoALICE site color (used for favicon and Header 2): #585858

The text inside can be all bolded with the <th> attribute or show up normally using the <td> (table row) attribute.

Text Goes Here (#e6e6e6)
Text Goes Here (#c0daed)
Text Goes Here (#56a6e2)
SINoALICE Wiki- GamePress
Make colored text using "font weight: bold; color: #56a6e2;" Note that the color resembles hyperlinks and should be used sparingly.



Use an Image field for anything to be displayed at its original size. if the image is bigger than 600 pixels wide, it will be resized.

A Colorbox Image can be clicked to view the full-size version. This is ideal for any large graphics, tables or wide images with text.

Nightmare Skill Paragraph

This has yet to be templated and is a work in progress. 

Nightmare Skill Title
Sample Nightmare Skill
SP Cost
1 min, 30 s
1 min, 30 s
Nightmare Skill Description

Sample Nightmare Skill Description


Buttons are used to add large, emphasized links to a page. Instead of pasting a URL, the "Button Link" field references a page by title. Note that this can only link pages on the same wiki or GamePress subsite-- external linking has to be done manually in Full HTML.


The following text can be used to link with buttons offsite:

<a class="featured-button" href="">Dragalia Lost GamePress</a>

Demonstration in Full HTML text mode:

Featured Content

Featured Content List

Reference other articles and pages here. The content is referenced by title as a node, and will display as a button with the text and OG image to the left.

Featured Content Tiles

These show just the OG image and a bit of text along the bottom edge. You can dictate the number of columns these show as-- usually two will be the standard for both mobile and desktop, but sometimes a highly emphasized piece of content can have one column. 

2-column Featured Content:

Single-Column Featured Content:


Embed Reddit Post

You can share Reddit posts to obtain code that embeds the post! The result is clean and scaled with our site, and links back to the thread for anyone who wants to view the comments and discussion.

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