Spidersaurus on Apple Arcade Offers Loads of Contra-Style Guitar Wielding Fun

Spidersaurus Title
  • New Apple Arcade Spidersaurus is like Guitar Hero, Contra, and the Breakfast Club all in one
  • Strikingly funny and entertaining all at the same time

Enter the Spidersaurus Universe

Imagine if you plucked your favorite guitar-wielding character from Guitar Hero and put them into a Contra game, only their sick riffs and sweet beats shoot sound-cannon style lasers at mutant spider-dinosaurs with the help of Emilio Esteves circa Breakfast Club with a gun that shoots baseballs - and you end up with Spidersaurus.

Confused? And a little excited? So are we. Check out the trailer and you'll see what I mean:

Ok, so maybe our favorite Mighty Ducks star isn't actually in Spidersaurus, but he should be. And the classic jock slash hardened by-the-book do-gooder is here to fill his shoes.

Now, you might be thinking -- 

"Is that guitar shooting soundwave-style beams of lightning?"


"Does that gun seriously shoot baseballs?"

Yes. Yes they do. And it is awesome.

Spidersaurus is exactly the type of title I was expecting to see on Apple Arcade, and I'm thrilled beyond belief to witness and try it out first hand.

trusty guitar

A Brief Review

Opening up with a truly 80's style news release that makes you feel like you've been teleported back in time to Saturday morning cartoon hour, Spidersaurus tells the story of what happens when a group of scientists do what they shouldn't do.

InGest (ha! They even play on Jurassic Park's InGen) is a world leader in next-gen food distribution and development. In trying to create a new kind of food that combines dinosaurs with spiders (seriously see image below, i can't make this stuff up) -- they accidentally released a few dinosaur spider hybrids on the unsuspecting world.


food source

But fear not, you can choose to be either a poor musician engaged in a food study because you have no money, or a pizza delivery boy who doubles as a police cadet in training, and being that you took part in the initial food trials -- some unintended things happened to your biology.

After a spidersaur busts the wall of the facility where inGest is trying to save their bacon by convincing the food testers who participated in the beta to bail them out, and the rest of the crowd evaporates (leaving only a pizza guy and a rocker girl) you get selected to take part in a PAID internship to recapture the escaped...err... specimens.

Guitar Shredding

Concluding Thoughts

Honestly -- this game is hilarious. And the gameplay is incredibly fun while still being challenging. Some of the controls take some getting used to and are based on sliding your fingers on the left or right side of the screen to fire, which isn't exactly like the traditional D-pad, but after a while you get the hang of it.

We're looking forward to covering more Apple Arcade games, and we'd definitely recommend you try this one out.


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