Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - October Event Calendar Breakdown

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - October Event Calendar Highlights

  • One Famous Wookiee Event
  • Flight of the Falcon
  • Pieces and Plans
  • Daring Droid
  • Legend of the Old Republic
  • Rey's Hero's Journey
  • Luke Skywalker Hero's Journey
  • Star Forge Showdown coming in October

The October Event Calendar is Out

This week we're going to start covering a popular mobile game called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. 

If you're unfamiliar with the game, it's been out for a while (four years actually) and has some pretty decent resources on the web. But we're bringing in some veteran players to write up some guides for us to help you get started, and maybe even dive deeper into the lore than you've ever gone before!

So let's kick things off the right way with this guide to the October Event Calendar -- written by Tommy Race.

October SWGOH Calendar

Legendary Events for October 2019

The October Event Calendar is out, and we've got your guide here to Legendary Events, Journey Events, and Epic Confrontations! Let's get started with the Legendary Events!

One Famous Wookiee 10/3/2019- 10/9/19

The event One Famous Wookiee requires Bounty Hunter Faction characters to battle and unlock Chewbacca. Bossk Lead and the zeta on his lead is highly recommended. It is also recommended to include Dengar and Boba Fett in your team. Gear recommendations are G11+, but you can get away with less if your Bossk is especially Strong. When modding for the event, survivability should take priority over speed since the enemies start with preloaded turn meter at the beginning of the battle. The recommended kill order is Chewbacca-- Han-- ROLO-- Lando-- R2.

Warrior Presents has a fantastic video of his completion of the event with his F2P alt Scissorman:

Flight of the Falcon 10/3/2019- 10/9/2019

The event Flight of the Falcon requires Bounty Hunter Ships, of which only four appear ingame, to battle and unlock Han’s Millennium Falcon.  I recommend using IG2000 or Xanadu Blood as the reinforcement to give Slave I the time to build up his seismic charge special.  Gear Recommendations are G10 pilots and Bossk as high as you can get him. The stronger your Hound’s Tooth the greater your chance of success.

Nukin has a fantastic video on unlocking Han’s Millennium Falcon

Pieces and Plans 10/24/19-10/30/19

The event Pieces and Plans requires First Order Characters to battle and unlock BB8. Given that this is an older event, the requirements are rather easy. If you run KRU Lead, G8 characters will be more than sufficient to complete the task.  Stun BB8 first, defeat Rey, then the vets, and then save Finn and BB8 for last.

Daring Droid 10/31/2019-11/6/2019

The event Daring Droid requires Empire Characters to battle and unlock R2D2. This is another older event which has a lower recommended gear tier than other events.  Palpatine lead and G8+ characters will clear the event without too much difficulty.  Ability Block R2D2 and shock Old Ben as soon as you can. The kill order is Leia, Han, Luke, R2, and then Chewie and Old Ben last.

Journey Events for October 2019

Legend of the Old Republic 10/17/2019-10/23/2019

This Event requires Bastilla Shan, Zaalbar, Mission Vao, Jolee Bindo, and T3M4 to battle alongside and unlock Jedi Knight Revan.  7* on all are required for unlock, and I recommend G10+ Bastilla with G8+ on the others. The hardest tier, Tier 6 with the Terentatek, isn’t very hard if you remember the following tips: Save T3’s dispel for when the Terentatek applies Healing over time to himself, and pay attention to his Mega Slam (Cooldown 5) to make sure Mission Blind’s him with her special.

Rey’s Hero’s Journey 10/24/2019- 10/30/2019

This event requires Rey (Scavenger), Finn, Veteran Chewbacca, Veteran Han Solo, and BB8 to journey alongside Rey to unlock Jedi Training Rey.  7* are required for unlock, and I recommend G10 on Rey and Finn and G8+ on the rest.  Tier V is the hardest, and I recommend killing First Order Storm Trooper, then First Order Tie Pilot, and then Finish off the First Order Riot Guard.  Tier VI can be a little frightening, but you let finn die, and then use the bonus ability Scavenger Rey gets from Finn’s death to auto win.

Luke Skywalker Hero’s Journey 10/31/2019- 11/6/2019

This event requires Luke Skywalker (Farmboy), Princess Leia, Old Ben, R2D2, and Stormtrooper Han to journey alongside Luke to unlock Commander Luke Skywalker. 7* on all is required for unlock, and I recommend G8 on all. A zeta on R2 may go a long way, and though there aren’t any specific strategies for this event, it’s worth remembering to stealth Leia with R2 before using her special for more bonuses.

Epic Confrontations for October 2019

Star Forge Showdown 10/18/2019-10/20/2019

This is the final showdown with Malak culminating from both the conclusion of Legend of the Old Republic and Scourge of the Old Republic.  This event takes place in two halves requiring each Revan and a pool of characters with a minimum of 17,500 power to be eligible to battle.

Dark Side Requirements: G12+ Gear, Darth Revan, and four of the following five: Bastilla Shan (Fallen), HK-47, Canderous Ordo, Carth O’ Nasi, or Juhani.  This half of the event is fairly straightforward and laughably easy compared to the other half.  Same tips from the LS half apply, you just don’t need to know them to complete this half.

Light Side Requirements: G12+ Gear, Jedi Knight Reven, and four of the following: Bastilla Shan, Mission Vao, Zaalbar, Jolee Bindo, or T3M4. There is an achievement for completing the event without Bastilla shan, but who is crazy enough to do that!!! To date, the achievement has not been completed, but that should change with the relics update this next pass.  I recommend setting aside several hours to grind out this event for RNG and operator errors. Each attempt can take fifteen minutes or more.

LS Strategy

Focus down the droids on either side of Malak to keep his enrage counter low.  Damage the captured Jedi on the right side of Malak more than the left side because those are buffs you want Malak to absorb.  Malak will absorb a Jedi when he reaches 50% health, so watch his health carefully and only let him absorb the right side Jedi.  Make sure to use Zaalbar’s special on Malak every time it’s available, as you really want a minimum of three stacks of armor shred before you begin focusing Malak.  Even following this strategy perfectly, it can still be an RNG fest, and it is highly recommended that you practice mindfulness training with tibetan monks for at least three weeks prior to the event.


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