Starforge Showdown Scandal: This Week in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes October 11-18

Starforge Showdown

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes News Items Including:

- Starforge Showdown Grants Malak Shards to Players Who Already Have Malak

- McMole2 Quits Starwars Galaxy of Heroes amid General Skywalker's release and rise of Clones to Top Tier Status

Hi Holotable Heroes and thank you for joining me for another week of This Week in Swgoh!  Pull up a chair, brew your favorite beverage and take a break with me to breakdown this weeks events!  Today we'll be talking about the Starforge Showdown's third run which was recently pulled down for a bug, and we'll talk about McMole2 quitting swgoh and covering other games including Dragon Champions.

Starforge Showdown Scandal

Starforge Showdown has just returned for the third time, and with it, a seemingly pleasant surprise, the event reset everyone to their first time.  The Malak event, unlike Legendary and Journey Events before it, allows it to be replayed as many times as you would like for Video capture, theorycraft, and self harm purposes.  Players who already had Malak from previous events were able to gain up to an additional 150 Darth Malak shards. Many players rejoiced at the development, and even speculated it had been intended since General Skywalker will also need GET currency to advance to 7*.

The speculation was rather short lived though, as CG quickly confirmed that the event was not WAI, a hotfix would be pushed out later today, and all players who gained erroneous shards would have them rolled back from their account at an unspecified date and time.  It was later clarified that the hotfix would be temporarily removing the event to reschedule it for a later time, and the event is now down.

Clones Now a Top Tier Team; McMole2 Quits Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Earlier this week, amid the controversy surrounding General Skywalker’s release, McMole2 chose to quit the game based on how the event was handled. The Irony of the Clone Specialist who first broke the HAAT Raid with them in 2017 with Princess Zody, quitting as Clones start edging into the meta, hampered only by the extremely limited number of unlocks tweeted that only six thousand players unlocked General Skywalker this past event-- that’s half of the number of players who unlocked Jedi Knight Revan the first time around.

McMole2 posted a video outlining his main complaints about swgoh and announced he’d be playing the new game Dragon Champions by App Quantum Publishing Ltd.  McMole2 has cited that he has not been having fun playing swgoh or making swgoh videos, and that it’s dragging down his energy overall. Many are saddened by him leaving swgoh, but he encourages his fans that he will still be hard at work on his channel bringing content for a variety of games.


I hope you enjoyed your beverage of choice with me today.  I myself had a Sumatran Blend Coffee Black, and it definitely hit the spot. We talked about Starforge showdown granting extra shards to players who already had Malak and CG's confirmation that it was a bug, that the event is taken down for the time being, and all players who gained additional shards will have their shards rolled back manually.  Farewell and pour out a little of your drink for McMole2. Best of luck in your future endeavors.  Thank you all for spending time with me today. See you on the holotables.


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