Stranger Things Season 3 Breaks Netflix Records And Paves Way for Mobile AR Game

  • Season 3 broke Netflix records with 40.7 million households watching in the first few days
  • A new AR game for Stranger Things was announced at E3 - in partnership with Netflix and Next Games
  • The Pokemon Go-style AR game lets players roam the Upside Down world around them (out 2020)

With 40.7 million households watching Stranger Things Season 3 on Netflix, and no announcement about season 4 out yet, there's certainly a large and ravenous audience who love the Duffer Brothers' creation and are looking for ways to kill time until we find out if _____ is really alive or dead.

I won't spoil it for anyone. 

But what you may not know about Stranger Things, is it's getting an AR Game -- a Pokemon Go-style GPS location-based game where you roam your local landscape in 8-bit glory viewing your 8-bit self exploring the upside-down world.

Wit the AR game set to release sometime in 2020 - it stands to reason that the show and the game developers would want to coordinate this with a possible 4th season of Stranger Things. After all, the best time to promote a mobile game based on a Movie or TV Series is definitely during the latest installment. This idea is further reinforced because of one giant reason.

Netflix is in partnership with Next Games -- creator of this AR Stranger Things title. And while some larger studios like Universal or Paramount or Warner Brothers may have large corporate structures and a lot of arms and moving pieces -- Netflix is a bit more focused and has a lot more control. There are no theaters or big box locations to coordinate releases. Just a subscription-based ravenous audience ready for anything Stranger Things to be delivered right to their smart TV, iPad or Laptop.

In the Stranger Things AR game, players will roam the familiar world around them and view the upside down world through the lens of their phone screen, teaming up with others to fight emerging evils and solving puzzles. 

It all sounds very intriguing. And we'd bet on it coming right around season 4 of Stranger Things - which is hopefully summer of 2020.

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