TEPPEN: 2v2 Exhibition Match, X VS Jill, 1 Year Discord Nitro Giveaway

  • Community Exhibition Match 2v2
  • 1 Year Discord Nitro Giveaway

TEPPEN Community is celebrating Haunted by Memories expansion with a exhibition match between 4 members in the TEPPEN Twitch streaming community. This showdown will be live streamed at 1PM PST on February 29th, Saturday. 

Follow the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/teppen_community

TEPPEN Community Twitch

Join the Discord community: https://discord.gg/teppencommunity

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Team X brings you TheThirstyGames and KumaKamii. These two players are known in TEPPEN for specializing playing X. X uses healing and shields to protect his allies in their fight for justice.


TheThirstyGames Twitch KumaKamii Twitch



Team X brings you MalletMoogle and izzydeadcuddles. These two players are known in TEPPEN for specializing playing Jill. Jill utilizes a variety of resources to get out of any situation.


MalletMoogle Twitch izzydeadcuddles Twitch


The live stream will be hosted by Horrible Chopstick. Horrible Chopstick commentated with Justin Wong in Japan at TEPPEN's first World Championship back in December.


Players will only use the Hero under their team name. Ie. X or Jill

No Deck Restrictions besides the Hero.

Each player in the exhibition match will play against both players in the opposing team in a best of 3 format. Winning a Bo3 will provide 1 point towards their team.

If the record is tied, both teams will blind elect one player to play one final Bo3.


The winning team will receive 2x 1 Year Discord Nitro Codes!

1 Year Discord Nitro Giveaway

TEPPEN Community is generously doing a 1 Year Discord Nitro Giveaway, to enter, retweet the tweet below and comment with your team support for #teamx or #teamjill.

What is TEPPEN?

TEPPEN is a mobile digital card game that features Capcom characters and is a collaboration between Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment. TEPPEN introduces a new genre, Ultimate Card Battle, combining digital card games with real time strategy. TEPPEN can be downloaded in the iOSAndroid or the Amazon app store.


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