TEPPEN: Amaterasu Brushes In

  • Amaterasu joins TEPPEN
  • Two new franchises
  • Surprises waiting on login
  • Additional campaigns and promotions

Welcome to the Land of Illusion


Players are greeted by the new update welcoming Amaterasu to the TEPPEN Hero roster.

News, Updates, and Campaigns

Two New Franchises


Heroes, characters, and villains visit the Land of Illusion. In the form of TEPPEN cards, powerful allies from Okami and Sengoku Basara join the battle for the top global and Hero leaderboards.

Official Promotion Page

Ammy Starter Deck, 10 Pack Tickets, and More

In addition to the quality of life updates to TEPPEN, players can expect new content and freebies on log-in.


A beginner ready deck featuring Ammy is given to all players, including exclusive cards for the Amaterasu’s set of Basics.


10 Packets are available via login and include other promotional periods giving more free pack tickets! Don’t forget to login to take advantage of login campaigns.


Be sure to check out the Story Mode for 400 Souls and watch as Ammy and Issun’s adventure unfolds in the Land of Illusion.

Want a Look at the New expansion? Check out the card list and see all the characters that join TEPPEN as cards here.

Additional Campaigns and Promotions


Players in TEPPEN all receive 2 brand new profile pictures. Players that equip these icons will represent Team Sun Goddess or Team Demon King to assist the war between good and evil. The team with the most wins by October 12th, will unlock a rare icon to all players in TEPPEN. Which side will you choose?

Free Pack Ticket Campaigns

Login, complete missions, and experience story mode before November 1st, for additional pack tickets to grow your TEPPEN card collection.

New to TEPPEN?

Take a look at our new player & free-to-play guide here.


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