TEPPEN: Felyne Card Reveal Schedule

  • Schedule for Felyne Card Reveals

It's spoiler season! Join the community in reveals of new cards in TEPPEN for the next expansion starting with the EX Podcast on https://twitch.tv/malletmoogle at 5PM PST, 6/15.

New card reveals feature new TEPPEN artwork of Capcom characters playable July 1st.



EX Podcast https://twitch.tv/malletmoogle 6/15 5PM PST

Ryanfmtg https://twitch.tv/ryanfmtg 6/17 11AM PST

StoutHelm https://twitch.tv/stout_helm 6/18 5PM PST

The Thirsty Games https://twitch.tv/thethirstygames 6/19 5PM PST

iowatheboat https://twitch.tv/iowatheboat 6/22 4PM PST

MalletMoogle https://twitch.tv/malletmoogle 6/23 12:30PM PST


Anthony Tu aka iowatheboat

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