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Hello everyone! This is the first of many "Foresight" weekly newsletter, featuring various content and news for TEPPEN.

What is TEPPEN?

TEPPEN is a mobile digital card game that features Capcom characters and is a collaboration between Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment. TEPPEN introduces a new genre, Ultimate Card Battle, combining digital card games with real time strategy. TEPPEN can be downloaded in the iOSAndroid or the Amazon app store.


We are at the final stretch for the TEPPEN season 5’s current meta. In the next week or 2, we can expect some sort of announcement for next month’s anticipated meta rotation. This could mean a new expansion, but of course due to COVID-19, we should wait for official announcements.

A community ran show is to be streamed live on Twitch this Saturday, April 18th at 1 PM PST on https://twitch.tv/teppen_community

TEPPEN content creators out there that have been streaming or creating content for TEPPEN during this pandemic deserve a shout out. I want to thank each and every one of those content makers. You can often find many content makers on Twitch, YouTube, and various platforms for TEPPEN. Thank you from the community.

I hope everyone is staying safe out there.


This week’s EX Grand Prix Format starts on Friday where only Dante, Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, and Nero are playable.

Here is my opinion on the ranking order of viability, of course with skill alone any of these Heroes can do well.

  1. Albert Wesker
  2. Jill Valentine
  3. Dante & Nero

Albert Wesker has many solid game plans considering the smaller meta. We can play Zombie Rush, Cammy Uroboros, or traditional Uroboros. I believe traditional Uroboros will have the most success, although Zombie Rush is not too far off.

Albert Wesker Uroboros

Hero Art: Uroboros

Place the highest cost Unit from your graveyard on the field. Give that unit “Death: banish this unit.”

Deck Type: Combo/Reanimator


This is a deck that took top 100 in the previous meta by TEPPEN player Christopher_D. Find him on Twitter or Twitch. This deck really did not get many tools from Haunted by Memories. However the deck is still strong and what I believe to be able to take over the EX Grand Prix meta where only 4 Heroes can be played.

The deck focuses on Tyrant (T-103) and Gore Magala to be expensive threats and using Rebirth and Uroboros to reanimate cards back onto the field.


The Grand Prix, this format comes every two months, like EX Grand Prix this is also free to enter and many spoils await for players that can stay in Group A and go undefeated in the final round. For more details go to: Team Rankstar Grand Prix article. Keep in mind the dates there are not accurate but the details including that Grand Prix is a 3 round event is accurate.

All 3 rounds of the Grand Prix dates are in this image. See below respective Rounds.

Grand Prix formats have always been Basic card set (free cards that come with each Hero released) and the latest card expansion (currently Haunted by Memories). The formula for finding the best deck is to analyze which Hero got the most from Haunted by Memories.

Each card expansion always gives support for each color and supports archetypes in the game, for Haunted by Memories these archetypes received the most support.

  • Denjin Renki Ryu
  • Charge Shot X
  • Zero Exodia (Rakuhouha)
  • Zombies

Here is my opinion on the ranking order of viability, of course with skill alone can carry far.

  1. Charge Shot X
  2. Zero Exodia
  3. Denjin Renki Ryu
  4. Everything Else

X Charge Shot

Hero Art: Charge Shot

Gives “When HP is boosted: Gain +1 Attack” to all friendly units.

Deck Type: Swarm/Board Contest


This Grand Prix makes a lot of decks want to play the slow game. However with X Charge Shot, X Charge Shot plans to swarm the board, apply massive amounts of pressure by setting up heals and the Hero Art "Charge Shot" to scale units. The deck's only weakness is removal, however because the meta will be slower, X Charge Shot should be able to set up their board and do as they please even in the face of removal.


This week's deck feature brings a meme with Nero True Power. Shout outs to RedCapMan for sharing this deck he faced in matchmaking piloted by a player named "Uto."

Nero True Power

Hero Art: True Power

Increases the level of a friendly unit with <Growth> by 1.


The deck's main game plan is to bring out Dark Usurper Urizen by using action cards (eliminating the sacrifice half your life cost), using actions and Hero Art True Power to growth Urizen, and making copies with Possessing Malice. This deck can win games due to Urizen being able to take on many openers by increasing their stats to a 4/11 body, destroying any random enemy unit, and the <Veil> ability keeps Urizen from being targeted by the opponent. <Veil> allows us to get away with a lot of shenanigans, we are able to setup Urizen and grow our board.

Not looking for memes? Check out this meta snapshot featuring all of the popular decks in the current meta. Team Rankstar Season 5 Meta Snapshot


Anthony Tu aka iowatheboat

Long time casual gamer, new content maker for TEPPEN

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