TEPPEN: Haunted by Memories Spoiler Season, Live Stream Announcement Date

  • Haunted by Memories compiled spoilers
  • Next announcement live stream date

PlayTEPPEN, the TEPPEN social media team, has started its spoiler season. The next content update Haunted by Memories features the arrival of a new playable Hero, Zero from Megaman X, and a card expansion.

Spoilers each expansion are showcased on Twitch from various influencers’ channels. Cards in TEPPEN feature Capcom IPs (intellectual properties) with stunning art. More spoilers have yet to be revealed. Reference PlayTEPPEN's tweet to find more spoilers!

Here are the spoilers thus far, 

Incendiary Device

Deals 1 damage to all enemy units.
<Memory>: 4
Deals an additional 1 damage to all enemy units.


Resonate: +1 HP. Victory Gains +1/+1

Ally's Consolation

Draw 1 card and put it into the EX Pocket.
If the card drawn was a unit card, gain +3 HP.

Jack Krauser

<Memory>: 4
Destroys enemy in front with an MP cost of 5 or less.
<Memory>: 7
Gains +3/+2


Victory: Deals 2 damage to the enemy Hero and all enemy units.

Manuela Hidalgo & Beautiful Romance

Manuela Hidalgo

<Memory>: 2
Adds 1 Action Card from your deck to the EX Pocket.

Beautiful Romance

Gives a random green unit in your hand or EX Pocket +2 HP and -1 MP. (MP costs cannot drop below 1.)

Killer Bee Strike Cammy & Parry

Killer Bee Strike Cammy

<Memory>: 4
Gains +1/+1 for each Action Card in your hand and EX Pocket.
<Memory>: 7
Gains <Heavy Pierce> <Agility>.


Returns an enemy unit with 2 or less Attack to the EX Pocket.
<Memory>: 4
Returns an enemy unit with 3 or less Attack to the EX Pocket instead.

Ashley Graham

This unit cannot attack.
While on the field: enhances damage-dealing effects for your Action Cards and friendly units by +1.

More spoilers were collected by devoted TEPPEN fans and compiled in the TEPPEN Community discord server. Join here.



Spoiled by Gaara

<Memory>: 4 Deals 4 damage split among enemy units.

Turf War


Spoiled by Unrooolie

Deals 4 damage to all enemy units. <Memory> 7: Gives a random friendly unit +3/+3 for each unit destroyed.



Spoiled by Unrooolie

Resonate: Give 1hp to all friendly units

Live Stream Announcement Date

Fans can join PlayTEPPEN on their Twitch channel. With a pre- and post-show starting at 6:30PM PST February 27th. The announcement will bring news to TEPPEN fans. The pre- and post-shows by PlayTEPPEN are always entertaining and interactive, come join the community!

What is TEPPEN?

TEPPEN is a mobile digital card game that features Capcom characters and is a collaboration between Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment. TEPPEN introduces a new genre, Ultimate Card Battle, combining digital card games with real time strategy. TEPPEN can be downloaded in the iOSAndroid or the Amazon app store.


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