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TF Go Hard

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Go Hard decks are strong, direct damage Control decks which use Twisted Fate's excellent draw power to quickly find copies of Go Hard and transform them into the powerful Pack Your Bags Spell; which deal 5 damage to all of the opponent's Allies and Nexus. The low Mana cost - even post-nerf, Pack Your Bags has a powerful effect for 5 Mana - is mitigated by it's condition in which three copies of Go Hard must be played in order to transform all copies of Go Hard into Pack Your Bags. This deck relies on it's excellent draw power to quickly meet this condition, which also has the added benefit of providing consistency, as drawing through the deck means key cards are nearly always available.


  • Since Twisted Fate and Go Hard are so integral to this deck, they should be searched for as early as possible.
  • Elise and Jagged Butcher provide early Aggro and can keep this deck alive during the early and mid game.

Early Game

  • Cycle copies of Go Hard as early as possible and save draw power until Twisted Fate hits the field and copies of Go Hard are close to becoming Pack Your Bags; the main win condition for this deck.
  • Along with Elise, Deckhand Merchant and Doombeast round out this deck's early game aggression, setting up an easy trigger for Jagged Butcher.

Mid Game

  • Play Twisted Fate once the field appears safe for him and the opponent's removal is gone. Two copies of Twisted Fate in hand can be used to bait out removal for Twisted Fate to return late game, but it is important to keep Twisted Fate alive as long as possible in this deck.
  • Zap Sprayfin can only draw Go Hard/Pack Your Bags or Glimpse Beyond from this deck. Glimpse Beyond along with Zap can be used to stop opposing Ezreal while digging further for copies of Go Hard or Pack Your Bags.

Late Game

  • Commander Ledros combined with Pack Your Bags was the preferred finishing play for this deck - Commander Ledros cuts the opponent's life in half, and Pack Your Bags deals 5 damage to opponent's Allies and Nexus, which can be boosted by Gangplank and Powder Kegs - but the recent nerf to Pack Your Bags made it impossible to play Commander Ledros and Pack Your Bags in the same turn.
  • Both serve as alternative finishers to the other and can threaten victories each on their own in separate turns, so this play is not entirely pushed out, but the combo is not nearly as threatening as it was.
  • Chronicler of Ruin can be used to create another copy of Ledros in your hand by Killing him, as well as Ruination, which is also an excellent answer to runaway Midrange decks.


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