Top Speed 2: Now Available on Android

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  • Sequel to popular Top Speed is now out on Android Devices
  • Original had over 40 million downloads

Top Speed 2: Now Available on Android

There's a new high-octane racing game out now on Android, and it's got all the flash and energy of the original.

Top Speed 2 is now available for download. See the trailer below:

With over 71 cars, a host of upgrades for seven different individual qualities, you can build the perfect muscle car or high speed machine to burn rubber on the tarmac.

Some of the other amazing features mentioned in the press release include:

  • A custom storyline that they describe as┬áhaving a "1990's action movie feel"

  • Upgrade one of these seven elements to supercharge your racing machine: Tires, Nitro, Exhaust, Engine, Transmission, Turbo and Body

  • Tons of customization options, including custom paint jobs and rims.

  • Race in three separate city environments: Airport, Highway and Docks

  • Play the AI or play others worldwide.

  • The ability to wager on races and take home the whole pot if you win.

  • And a striking 426 races via story mode and elite mode to try out.

All in all, this game looks to be a high-octane ride on all sides. To download on Google Play or check out the official Facebook page, hit the links below.

For Android DevicesOfficial Facebook Page

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