Viktor Ezreal Deck Review

Viktor Ezreal

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This is an aggressive Control deck which uses P&Z tech to quickly create and draw copies of Go Hard and Death Ray. This deck quickly levels both of it's Champions and can easily overwhelm opposing counters just by the sheer number of targeting spells that are available in this deck. 


  • Counterfeit Copies and Go Hard should be heavily searched for in the opening hand.
  • Death Ray is not bad to have either, as it can save this deck from early game threats such as Noxus Aggro builds.

Early Game

  • Cast Counterfeit Copies on Go Hard before you play the first Go Hard.
  • Play Go Hard and Death Ray against early threats both to survive the early game and to quickly level both Champions.
  • Save Veteran Investigator and Hexcore Foundry until after a few copies of Go Hard have been played to prevent their effects from possibly benefiting the opponent more than yourself, although it can become easy to burn opponent's cards against decks which draw or create cards such as Twisted Fate and Targon Gem builds. 
  • Eager Apprentice is important for keeping Spell Mana full, which is paramount for this deck. 

Mid Game

  • Assembly Bot, Viktor, and Ezreal form a synergetic and aggressive core, although Ezreal should be saved until he levels up and should be protected after that.
  • once the deck has been seeded with copious amounts of Go Hard and leveled up Death Rays, Hexcore Foundry, Veteran Investigator, Zaunite Urchin, and Rummage should be used to quickly retrieve and cast those spells - which trigger the abilities for Assembly Bot, Viktor, and Ezreal alike.

Late Game

  • Ezreal takes advantage of the plethora of cheap targeting Spells to quickly burn the opponent's Nexus while threatening victory with Pack Your Bags, Atrocity, or his own Mystic Shot.
  • Viktor's Augment and Assembly Bot's skill make both of them threatening targets for Atrocity, securing a surprise victory, especially if an Ezreal is in play to tag on extra damage.


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