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Darth Malak Madness Ensues

Missing Button Glitch Update

Top Hat Interview on Galactic War Report Notes

Swgoh Wedding Planning

Darth Malak Madness

The Darth Malak event launched as planned on October 18, but it came with, what many players saw as a welcome surprise, bonus Malak shards despite having completed the event before.  Many enfranchised players knew it had to be a mistake, and CG very quickly confirmed that was the case in the following announcement:

Most players were so delighted by the shards, given the punishingly tough choice of farming Malak shards with GET or precious gear, that this announcement came as a very disappointing surprise that quickly led to outrage on various social media platforms.  CG’s original offer of 250 crystals along with a rollback of gear and shards placed on Malak was later increased to 500 crystals to everyone with conditional rewards to other players.

This announcement can be found here:

With the update here;

Many players were outraged by one particular component to the conditional rewards that rewarded players who had Darth Malak, but not at 7*, who gained extra shards.  Many players saw the notice that it was a bug and CG’s request that no one exploit it, but then later rewarded certain players with 5K GET who had shards rolled back. Many criticized that players who knowingly exploited the bug in the above case gained more compensation than those who faithfully obeyed CG’s request.  CG Top Hat’s response to this concern in his interview on the Galactic War Report was that the majority of players do not interact with the forums, and they would not have seen the notice. They can’t assume the bug was exploited on purpose given the size, scope, and availability of the bug. CG Top Hat said, “To most players they didn’t know they used a bug. They just know they had their shards taken away, and that feels bad.” This interview, which will discuss more later, can be found here:

Unfortunately, after they pulled down the Malak event and patched it, it still resulted in some bonus shards for some players, though the conditions involved are unknown at this time, and every player can’t benefit from the glitch.

No word at this time how they plan to address the second iteration of the bug, but they have removed the event at this time.

Missing Button Glitch Update

Many players were skeptical of how quickly CG fixed the Malak shards complaining that the missing button glitch, which can have severe consequences in TW, GAC, and TB’s, remains unaddressed with the BandAid in the last title update mostly ineffective only addressing 15% of missing button instances. CG SBCrumb assures the players that this fix is their top priority right now, and that they anticipate it to take four to six weeks to get to the root of the problem and begin work on a permanent fix.

Top Hat Interviewed on Galactic War Report

CG’s Live Producer, CG TopHat,  appeared on the Galactic War Report to tease new details for the upcoming Light SIde Geonosis Territory Battle.  I highly recommend listening to the entire podcast, but I’ll provide the bullet points here for your convience:

- Geonosis Light Side TB is slated for release in Mid September

- The TB will feature Reek, the Rhino like monster, as an Acklay like raid boss.

- The TB will also have the Nexu appear in certain nodes as a surprise.

- Ki Adi Mundi will be the Wat/ROLO/IPD to unlock through a special mission

- The TB will begin with Ships, and it will contain features that will drastically change play.

- Malevolence confirmed to be part of the TB update (This author believes it will be a GET2 farm-- nothing in the interview would lead me to that conclusion though, but it does match their MO).

- The Malavolence will be changed, and will summon extra vulture droids without consuming a reinforcement, from its early test kit features in the Marquee Event used to unlock the Vulture Droid.

- More Crewless Ships should be expected down the road.

- CG TopHat specifically apologized for the Darth Malak Madness, and explained the reasoning behind the response.

- The gear is at an extremely restrictive point on purpose to see how G13 and relics affect the game before making appropriate adjustments.  They have models for what they expect to occur, but they admit they don’t know for sure. Once they see how player progression is affected, they will roll out adjustments to the game economy to compensate. They purposefully go slow to avoid major economic mistakes.

Swgoh Wedding Planning

A reddit post from earlier this week reports that a Guildmate of his is getting married to another swgoh player, and they want creative feedback for how to discreetly interject swgoh into their wedding with creative ideas like giving out free Darth Malak coasters and then taking them away half way through.  A lot of great fun on the post, and congratulations to the happy couple! Please jump on and give them even more ideas!

Swgoh Wedding


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