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Article by Carley Quave
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About This Tool

There are 2 factors in determining the quality of a Spell and whether it will be Fair, Good, Great, or Masterful:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy

The pointer starts moving left across the bar as soon as your finger touches the screen. The faster you complete the Spell Glyph, the higher quality the Spell Trace is likely to be.


The Accuracy of a Spell Trace can increase or decrease the Spell's final score and is determined by how close to the black dots your Trace is. Tracing outside of the green circles will not be counted as a complete Trace. This is all accurate to the game.

Note: The Color of the Spell Bar will not affect the final score of your Spell, but it does affect Success RNG for catching a Foundable.

In-game, Trace Accuracy is color-coded:

  • Red: The Spell Trace is incomplete and must be re-done
  • Red/Orange: The Pointer moves more to the left on the bar and hurts your final score
  • Orange/Yellow: The Pointer doesn't move and the final score is unaffected
  • Yellow: The Pointer moves a little to the right and slightly improves your final score
  • Green: The Pointer moves significantly to the right and greatly improves your final score
spell trace accuracy

Trace the glyph using your finger, a stylus, or mouse pointer to practice your spell casting.

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