Gregory Goyle - Inquisitorial Squad

Gregory Goyle - Inquisitorial Squad
Although notably dimwitted, Gregory Goyle rode Draco Malfoy's coattails to popularity within Slytherin House. He faced off against Harry, Ron, and Hermione during the Battle of Hogwarts in the Room of Requirement before eventually being saved by the trio.

Registry Information

Rarity12 out of 16
First Time XP
Returned ToSlytherin Common Room

Registry Page Location

Fragment Prestige Requirements

Completing (Prestiging) the registry page this foundable is located at will upgrade this page's frame and reward you more Family XP for each Foundable returned. The collectibles on that page will reset.

Frame Fragments XP
Standard 400 50
Bronze 1200 50
Silver 2400 50
Gold 4800 50