The Unicorn is a magical white horse featuring a single horn upon its head. They possess magical properties: Unicorn Hair used in wands cores tend to produce the most consistent magic while Unicorn Blood is said to lengthen one's lifespan.

Registry Information

Rarity4 out of 16
First Time XP250
Returned ToEstonia

Where to Obtain

Trace Encounter

Registry Page Location

Spell Associated with Foundable

Base Win Rate: 1.1%

Fragment Prestige Requirements

Completing (Prestiging) the registry page this foundable is located at will upgrade this page's frame and reward you more Family XP for each Foundable returned. The collectibles on that page will reset.

Frame Fragments XP
Standard 11 50
Bronze 33 75
Silver 49 150
Gold 59 200

Encounters that Drop Foundable

Total Encounters1

Magizoology Unicorn

Threat Level

A rope Confoundable has trapped a Unicorn.