Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Guide Part 2

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Event Overview

As Dark Arts Month continues across the Wizarding World, it’s time for the second half of October’s Brilliant Event, Fighting Forces! As with previous Brilliant events, this is a great chance to earn exclusive Restricted Section Books as well as Gold, scrolls, special event runestones, and more. 

The second part of the event will run for one week, from Tues, October 22 at 11:00 PDT / 18:00 GMT until Tues, October 29 at 11:00 PT / 18:00 GMT. This week will introduce a new set of Special Assignments as well as a new Registry page. 

Read on for full details of the event plus some tips on how to prepare and how to make the most of the rewards available during this event.

Changes from Part One

While Part One of Fighting Forces included several changes from previous Brilliant events, Part Two is expected to run pretty similarly to Part One. Check out the full list of changes in Part One in the previous guide. Here's what will be different this week:

  • Traces: Joining the Oddity-style Brilliants from last week is Brilliant Sirius Black. This Encounter is not Oddity-style, so they may depart after an unsuccessful cast.
  • Bonus Special Assignment: For those who completed the Special Assignment in Part One, there will be a bonus Special Assignment available after completing Part Two's Special Assignment.

And that's about it for what's been announced. Most if not all of the bonuses from Part One are expected to return, though the wording of the announcement was ambiguous enough that they might not.

Event Gifts and Bundles

As in Part One, Part Two of the Fighting Forces event includes a Free Gift available to all players, as well as two bundles available for purchase. Both of the paid bundles can only be purchased once. Here is what the bundles appear to contain, subject to change before release:

Free Gift

The Free Gift contains:

  • Ingredients for Tonic for Trace Detection
  • 1 Unicorn Hair
  • 15 Spell Energy

SOS Bundle

The SOS Bundle costs 350 Gold this time and contains:

Item Ordinary Cost
1 Tonic for Trace Detection 60
1 Silver Key 90
50 Spell Energy 100
2 Basic Invigoration Draughts 62
1 Potent Exstimulo 75
Total 387

Brilliant Bundle

The Brilliant Bundle costs 800 Gold this time and contains:

Item Ordinary Cost
3 Tonic for Trace Detection 180
2 Silver Keys 180
150 Spell Energy 300
3 Basic Invigoration Draughts 93
2 Potent Exstimulo Potions 150
3 Level 5 Oddities Runestones Not Available
Total 903 + 3 Level 5 Oddities Runestones

As with Part One's premium bundles, neither of these bundles is a good value for gold. In fact, with the exception of the Runestones in the Brilliant bundle, the discount is so negligible that the bundle is actually more expensive if players:

  • have some of the potion ingredients already, OR
  • are willing to wait part of the brew time of the offered potions

Even just buying items in larger quantities from the store (i.e. buying 4-packs instead of single Silver Keys) instead also makes the bundles barely worth it, if at all. 

Consider also that many of these items take up precious (and expensive) vault space, and it's hard to make the case for buying either. The main value of these bundles is the convenience and expediency, rather than overall value for gold, so players looking to spend their gold wisely should look elsewhere.

Note: Potion costs are derived from earlier analysis of Premium Brewing options using the standard cauldron and assumes the player has none of the necessary ingredients. If the individual unit cost in the store is cheaper, we've used that instead. All other items are at the single-unit costs.

New Content

Part Two of this Brilliant event will introduce six new Foundables. Here’s where you can expect to find them:

Fighting Forces Part Two Registry

Trace Encounters

These Foundables will appear on the map. Travel around your local area to find them. 

Special Assignments

These Foundables can only be found by completing the Special Assignments for the event. Check below for the full list of tasks.


To collect fragments for this Foundable, players will need to successfully complete Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses using a Fighting Forces Runestone during Part Two.


Fragments for this Foundable can only be obtained by unlocking special event portkeys picked up during this event. 

Note: The above is subject to change but based on the current information found in the game files.

Special Assignments

A new event with new content also means new Special Assignments! Here is the full list of tasks and rewards for Part I to help you plan ahead:

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event 1/4

  • Defeat 3 Oddities

    • Reward: 10 Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Family XP

  • Brew 6 Potions

    • Reward: 150 Wizarding XP

  • Dine at 2 Inns

    • Reward: 2 Restricted Section Books

Completion Rewards

  • 500 Wizarding XP

  • 3 Loveage

  • 5 Re'em Blood

  • 1 Spell Book

  • 2 Restricted Section Books

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event 2/4

  • Use Exstimulo Potions 5 Times*

    • Reward: 200 Wizarding XP

  • Obtain 2 Portkeys by Unlocking Portmanteaus

    • Reward: 15 Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Family XP

  • Return 3 Brilliant Sirius Black Foundables

    • Reward: 300 Wizarding XP

*Note: Neither Strong Exstimulo nor Potent Exstimulo Potions will count for this task.

Completion Rewards

  • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions

  • 25 Legends of Hogwarts Family XP

  • 1 Spell Book

  • 3 Restricted Section Books

  • Death Eater Mask Portrait Lens

  • Kreacher Fragment

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event 3/4

  • Use Tonic for Trace Detection 2 Times

    • Reward: 500 Wizarding XP

  • Defeat 9 Foes in Wizarding Challenges

    • Reward: 15 Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Family XP

  • Defeat 6 Oddities

    • Reward: 500 Wizarding XP

Completion Rewards

  • 25 Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Family XP

  • 1 Spell Book

  • 3 Restricted Section Books

  • 1 Silver Key

  • Tom Riddle Sr.'s Gravestone Sticker for Ministry Portrait

  • Troll Legg Umbrella Stand Fragment

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event 4/4

  • Use Potent Exstimulo Potions 5 Times

    • Reward: 10 Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Family XP

  • Perform 15 Great Spellcasts

    • Reward: 750 Wizarding XP

  • Obtain 4 Portkeys by Unlocking Portmanteaus

    • Reward: 15 Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Family XP

Completion Rewards

  • 50 Gold

  • 1 Spell Book

  • 5 Restricted Section Books

  • Phoenix Patronus Fragment

  • Dementor Sticker for Ministry Portrait

Please note: These assignments are based on our best interpretation of the game files and are subject to change before the event begins. We will update with any changes as soon as all assignments are confirmed.

Bonus Special Assignment

Players who completed all Special Assignments in Part One and Part Two will then be given a Bonus Special Assignment. Here's what to expect:

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Bonus Assignment

  • Return 20 Brilliant Death Eater Foundables

    • Reward: 1 Spell Book

  • Return 25 Oddities Family Foundables

    • Reward: Title for Ministry ID

  • Play 10 Wizarding Challenges

    • Reward: Death Eater Mask Lens for Ministry Portrait

Completion Rewards

  • 1000 Wizarding XP

  • 100 Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Family XP 

  • 1 Spell Book

  • Fighting Forces Achievement Badge

Please note: These assignments are based on our best interpretation of the game files and are subject to change before the event begins. We will update with any changes as soon as all assignments are confirmed.

Completing the Registry

There are four ways to collect Foundables for this event and complete the Registry. To finish the page, players will need to do all four, as each Foundable in the Registry will only be available via one specific method. 

  • Trace encounters

  • Special Assignment rewards

  • Fortress rewards

  • Portkey rewards

The Brilliant Sirius Black Foundable will be available in Trace encounters marked with a purple beam (along with Part One's Trace encounters, Brilliant Death Eater and Brilliant Azkaban Escapee). Three more (Kreacher, Troll Leg Umbrella Stand, and Phoenix Patronus) are only available as rewards for completing the Special Assignments.

Fragments of the Fortress-exclusive Foundable, Order of the Phoenix Photograph, will only be available by using Fighting Forces Runestones (available as rewards for ranking up the Fighting Forces Registry) in Wizarding Challenges. Portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black will only be found in 3km Portkeys picked up during Part Two of the Fighting Forces event. 

Note: 7km and 3km Portkeys from previous Brilliant Events are not expected to reward Fighting Forces rewards.

Event Rewards

Of course, this event is more than just an opportunity to complete some Special Assignments and fill in a new Registry page. Players can earn Restricted Section Books, available only during certain events, and stock up on Runestones and Scrolls.

To earn Restricted Section Books, players simply need to complete the Special Assignments during the event. Even just completing some of the tasks will reward players with some of these books, though completing the entire set of tasks will net the largest rewards.

By ranking up the Fighting Forces Registry, players can also earn lots of Scrolls and Runestones. This is especially important as these resources become harder and harder to get outside of events as players finish out the early Registry ranks.

To rank up the Registry, be sure to focus on the event-exclusive Foundables. Traces are the easiest and most reliable source of Family XP, but don’t forget about Fortresses (be sure to use a Fighting Forces Runestone!) and the special 3km Portkeys either. 

Many players may find this particular Brilliant Event to be an ideal time to stock up on scrolls and runestones, as the Trace Encounters are Oddity-style Encounters. 

While players have sometimes struggled with previous Brilliant Foundables resisting and resisting and resisting, the Brilliant Death Eater and Brilliant Azkaban Escapee will attack just like an Oddity, meaning they won’t resist or depart. 

Unfortunately, Brilliant Sirius Black will still resist and even depart, so it won't be quite as fast and easy to collect Brilliant Family XP during Part Two as it was during Part One, but both Oddity-style Brilliant Encounters should still be in the mix.

Foundable Dialogue

Each Foundable added to the Registry will unlock a snippet of Dialogue. To view the Event Dialogue, click to expand the drop-down accordion

(Warning: Spoilers!)

Fighting Forces Page 2 Dialogue


We've seen another turn in the Calamity. The new Foundables we're seeing all seem to be from the same timeframe as those from Malfoy Manor, but otherwise we can't establish a connection...

Brilliant Sirius Black

Sirius Black was a former inmate of Azkaban -- could this be a continuation of the previous strain of Foundables we observed recently? He was distantly related to the Malfoys by marriage... but he also opposed everything they stood for.

Brilliant Death Eater

I remember from my childhood how terrifying Death Eaters were. I have to say, the stories did not do them justice. They are much, much worse.

Brilliant Azkaban Escapee

Azkaban has seen a number of breakouts in its history, but the Calamity has chosen to focus on this one unimportant inmate. He seems to have escaped during one of the Death Eater-led raids at the height of Voldemort's reign... but otherwise, he was historically inconsequential.


I've got a bit of a soft spot for Kreacher. As the story goes, he fought at the Battle of Hogwarts. But he was also a loyal servant to the Black family. Why is he turning up?

Troll Leg Umbrella Stand

If I'm not mistaken, this umbrella stand was kept by the Black family in their home at 12 Grimmauld Place. The Blacks were also pure-blood with questionable ideals... is that the connection to the Malfoys?

Phoenix Patronus

The most famous Phoenix Patronus belonged to Albus Dumbledore, who gave his life in the fight against Voldemort. It's likely this Patronus was used to deliver messages to the Order...

Order of the Phoenix Photograph

This is an odd thing to turn up now. Many of the people in this photograph were dead before Voldemort took control of the Ministry, but those that weren't fought him.

Portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black

Phinneas Nigellus Black... famously terrible headmaster of Hogwarts. Hmm. He was long dead before any of this. This surge in the Calamity is baffling.


After thorough review, it appears that all these recent Foundables can be tied directly to 12 Grimmauld Place, the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix -- even that portrait of Phinneas Nigellus Black. I think I have it!

At first, we returned Foundables tied to Voldemort's side of the Second Wizarding War... and then, the Calamity seems to have adapted and presented us with Foundables from the secret hideout of the resistance against him.

Is the Calamity reacting to our reaction to it? Does that mean that we could theoretically influence it somehow?


Great work returning all those Death Eater Foundables. We'll all rest easier knowing that lot is back where they belong.

One last thing -- there are still loads of Death Eater Foundables out there. If you're up for it, we could use your help clearing them away.

How to Prepare

Trying to figure out how to prepare for the event? Here are some quick tips to help:

Save up Portkey space

This week's Special Assignments ask players to unlock a total of six Portkeys, and players will need to pick up at least five Brilliant Portkeys during the event to complete the Registry. With the extra Bonus Assignment at the end, players will want to get through those tasks as fast as possible. Hold onto unlocked Portkeys until after the event starts to avoid accidentally picking up other Portkeys.

Stock up ingredients for healing potions and exstimulos

The 25% reduction in brewing time is expected to return for Part Two, so this event will be a great chance to stock up on these potions—or use the extra potions to do more Wizarding Challenges! Of course, with faster brewing comes faster ingredient usage, so be sure to manage your ingredient storage carefully to keep on brewing all event long.

Brew Potions for the Tasks Ahead

This week's Special Assignments are especially potion heavy, requiring 2 Tonic for Trace Detection, 5 Basic Exstimulo Potions, and 5 Potent Exstimulo Potions. Now is as good a time as ever to make sure you're stocked up and ready to go for those tasks, saving you precious time during the event.

Pace yourself

With the extra set of tasks this week (Bonus Special Assignment), players will want to be especially conscious of how much time they need for the event. Those who usually finish out events near the end might want to invest more time earlier on in the week to be sure they have plenty of time to finish all parts of the event.

That said, most players should be able to get through all of the Part Two tasks without serious grinding and can treat the Bonus Special Assignment as just that: a bonus if they have time for it.


Now that you’re all ready, the only thing left to do is wait for the event to start! We’ll continue to update this guide as more information (such as the Event Dialogue) is available, so be sure to check back soon!

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