How to Complete Moving Staircases II in Wizards Unite

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A new Registry Page was added to Hogwarts School last week: Moving Staircases II. While attendees at Wizards Unite Fan Festival had a first-look at these new Foundables, the rest of the world will soon get a chance to find and return these Foundables too.

Yesterday, the Wizards Unite team confirmed that these new Foundables will go live this Saturday, during Day of the Dragons, and are expected to remain in the game going forward.

Moving Staircases II

Moving Staircases II Registry page

This Registry page has two types of Foundables: four Trace Encounters and one Fortress-exclusive.

Trace Encounters

Four of the new Foundables will show up on the Map as Trace Encounters:

Tip: All four of these Foundables are High Foundables. Be on the lookout for any Hogwarts School Traces with a yellow beam (the same as Peeves and Moaning Myrtle).


The final Foundable is a Fortress-exclusive, meaning that the only way to obtain it is through Fortress battles. Simply go to any Fortress and use a Hogwarts Family Runestone for a chance at receiving a Fragment:

Tip: Current research suggests that your chances of receiving an Exploration Fragment as a Fortress reward increases at each Fortress level. 

Some players have also reported already receiving this Foundable from Fortresses, so no need to wait until Saturday to start trying for it!


Have any tips for where to find the new Trace Encounters? Let us know in the Community Forums!

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