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Inventory management is an important aspect of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. With limited storage space in your vault, if you want to get the most out of the game you want to be effective at managing items.

Nothings more frustrating than seeing a rare ingredient on the map, and having a pop-up saying your vault is full!



Ingredients are used solely for brewing potions. There's plenty of sources to get ingredients in game, from the world map, greenhouses, portkeys to even growing your own!

You'll find that your vault storage for ingredients will fill up extremely fast, even if you extend your storage capacity. It's frustrating, but you're in luck! Here's some tips to keep that from happening.

Although ingredients spawning can be influenced by weather, location and time, there are ingredients that will end up being more common than others. Typically, 3/4 of the ingredients for a potion are common.

It's recommended to keep an eye on your storage vault, and discard most of your common ingredients. You can do this by clicking on the ingredient, selecting 'manage', and choosing the amount you want to delete from your inventory.

You should also be brewing potions as often as you can. You get more than enough ingredients, and it's a waste to leave them filling up room in your inventory. Always keep an eye out on your cauldron, and always have a potion lined up!

The ingredient storage can also be extended in the shop, and is also included as part of the vault storage extension bundle on the featured tab.


The best way to keep room in your potion vault storage is to just keep using them. Keep in mind, you should prioritize using the lower tier potions before the stronger potions. Save those for more difficult foes/foundables.

You get more than enough ingredients in Wizards Unite to keep brewing more, so your storage will fill up fast. So don't hesitate to use the potions whenever you can.

Alll potions are replaceable, even the rarer ones like Baruffio's Brain Elixer. You can actually brew them pretty early on in the game. So don't feel scared and hoard them.

You also get more than enough potions in-game from levelling and foundables to replace the ones you consume. The Diagon Alley shops also offer a way to expand your potion vault and is also part of the vault storage extension bundle.

It's recommended to save up gold towards the vault storage extension bundle if you want to focus on putting up storage capacity. You'll save a little bit of gold, and it also increases storage for ingredients, and spell energy too. 

Portkeys and Portmanteaus

Whilst there isn't a direct way to manage your portkeys and portmanteaus, there are still a few ways to handle them effectively. You can't actually delete portkeys from your inventory, and there isn't a visual distinction between the types on the map, so keep these tips in mind.

If you want to get the most out of your keys, make sure to use the (reusable) golden keys only on 2km portmanteaus. Save the (one-time) silver keys for the 5, 7 or 10km portmanteaus. That way you aren't wasting all your silver keys.

If you want to maximize the experience gain from the portkeys, remember to always use a Baruffio's Brain Elixer whenever you open one.

Remember to always use a Baruffio's Brain Elixer whenever you open a portkey to maximize experience gain. If you want to get the most out of one Brain Elixer, you can also hold onto all your portmanteaus until they've all unlocked and open them together.

Keep in mind though, if you do plan to hold onto all of your portmanteaus, portkeys still take up storage space. So you can't pick up another portmanteau. There also isn't a way to increase portkey/portmanteau storage currently.

portkeys and portmantaeus

Seeds and Water

Seeds and water can be found on the overworld map similarly to ingredients. New players start the game with 50 storage capacity for seeds and water.

You can also extend the vault storage for seeds similarly to potions and ingredients, keep in mind though it is not included as part of the vault storage extension bundle.

It is not recommended to buy the storage extension for Seeds and Water, as it's poor value for money. For 150 gold it only adds +5 to your capacity, it's better off focusing on Ingredients, Potions or Spell Energy Capacity.

Seeds and water build up pretty quickly, especially since the starting capacity is so small. It's recommend you just plant seeds in the communal greenhouse plant pots as often as you can.

Even if you don't have the opportunity to harvest the plant from the greenhouse yourself, atleast other players in the community nearby can. You'll also find more than enough seeds and water to replace them anyways.

seeds and water
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