Limited Time Anti-Calamity Kit with Spectrespecs Lens

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The Calamity Kit is $4.99 USD in the Diagon Alley in-game store and comes with 50 Energy, 3 Potent Exstimulo Potion, 425 Gold, 3 Silver Keys, and Spectrespecs Lenses--a cosmetic item for Profile Pictures. This Limited Time Bundle will expire around 11 AM Central Standard Time on June 26th (4 PM GMT).

x 425

What’s in the Kit?

Energy can still be pretty hard to come by and goes fast between Trace Encounters and Wizarding Challenges, so an extra 50 is a nice bonus, even if it’s likely to get used up quick. 

Potent Exstimulo Potions have high ingredients costs and brew time (8 hours!) but are exceedingly useful in Wizarding Challenges and Trace Encounters, especially when going up against high threat level Foundables, so having these on hand is a must. 

Silver Keys are a little more common but are always handy for unlocking Portkey Portmanteaus and keeping your Portkey Inventory from filling up. 

Gold is very hard to come by without spending money in Wizards Unite, and acts as a back-up cost when you’re low on resources while Brewing Potions, want to skip the brew time or run out of Energy during a Trace Encounter or Wizarding Challenge.

The Anti-Calamity Kit is currently the only way to unlock the Spectrespecs Lenses. The lenses admittedly look very cool and even are animated on the Profile Picture.

Tip: Anytime you see 'Unlock Lens' in Wizards Unite, it means buying that item or bundle will let you use that Lens on your Profile Picture. Some of them are pretty sweet!

Value in Gold

The 425 Gold currently costs $4.99 so getting everything else in the bundle is already saving, but factoring in the other items as part of other currently active deals, the total Gold Value of the Anti-Calamity Kit items--excluding the Spectrespecs Lens is 902.08 at minimum, or around $10.59 in monetary value. 


Factoring in how useful the items are, the Gold Value based on other currently active deals, and the exclusivity of the Spectrespecs Lens cosmetic item, the Anti-Calamity Kit is worth every penny.

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