Wizards Unite Update: Version 0.8 Patch Notes

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With the new Flora and Fauna Event just around the corner, Harry Potter Wizards Unite has made some changes in preparation. This means adding new content AND changing pre-existing stuff.

UPDATE 6/26/19 NOTE: With the global release of the game, some of this information was proven to be outdated. For example, it was confirmed that you do not need to encounter the base version of a Foundable to encounter the Brilliant variant. For an up-to-date, general guide to how events work, see our Brilliant Event and Brilliant Event Tasks guide. We will also post event-specific guides as events come out.

Profession Skill Trees

Restricted Section Books have replaced Spell Books and Scrolls as the Material cost for several Magizoologist and Professor Skill Tree Buffs, Hexes, and Charms. These changes are likely to be permanent even after the Event ends, but Fantastic Flora and Fauna will provide plenty of opportunities for farming Restricted Books through Event Tasks, an all-new 7km Portkey Portmanteau, and Fortress Combat.

Skill Tree Material Cost Update
Magizoologist (old) Magizoologist (new) Professor (old) Professor (new)
Scrolls 2537 2495 2485 2325
Spell Books 466 465 452 328
Restricted Books 0 115 0 223

Based on the table above, the total material cost for maxing out the first Skill Tree for Magizoologists has increased by 72 and decreased by 61 for Professors.

This puts Magizoologists as the most expensive to max out and Professors as the least expensive with Aurors sitting in the middle.

Some Stat Buffs, Charms, and Hexes have also been balanced or are set to be balanced with the release of the new Event. 


Magizoologists will be receiving a new Protection Charm (8 Ranks) with a stat Buff progression of:

16% -> 18% -> 20% -> 22% -> 24% -> 26% -> 28% -> 30%

Protection Charm enhances a Teammate's Defence.


Professors' Proficiency Power stat Buffs from Proficiency Charms have been increased from a stat Buff progression of: 

12% -> 17% -> 22% -> 27% -> 32% -> 37% -> 42%


16% -> 20% ->  24% -> 28% -> 32% -> 36% -> 40% -> 44%

  • The Proficiency Charm (1 Rank)
  • Advanced Proficiency Charm (4 Ranks)
  • Perfected Proficiency Charm (3 Ranks)

Other Balancing updates

The Potent Extimulo Potion's Spellcast Power has been increased from 150% to 225% and a single Potion can be used 5 times now instead of 3. 

Brilliant Encounters

This Event introduces 6 new Foundables to the game. Based on community data-mining, it appears that these Brilliant variants will only appear for Players who have previously encountered the base Foundable. (Update 6/26/19: Confirmed that Players do not need to encounter the base Foundable to encounter the Brilliant version)

Player Customization

By the looks of things, Player customization will be released at the same time as this Event, which will have some exclusive pieces for Beta Players to enjoy.

While the Forbidden Forest Frame being part of this Event is just an educated guess, the other two are definitely Event Exclusives. 


This Event includes a Hagrid-centric Story with each interaction being triggered by a Brilliant Encounter.

Here is a transcript of the dialogue and Brilliant Encounters

Note SPOILERS! Do not click to expand if you want to experience this Storyline for the first time in-game!

Click to Expand for Storyline Dialogue

Hagrid Event Introduction

Hello There! I know yeh've got yer hands full w' Confoundables everywhere and such, but I could use yer help w' somethin' in particular, if yer willing.

Yeh see, somethin's not right 'bout the Forbidden Forest. Ever since the Calamity started disappearin' creatures, the forest's been thrown outta sorts.

If you come across any Foundables from the Forbidden Forest, let me know, would yeh?

Brilliant Buckbeak Encounter

Beaky! He's my special favorite Hippogriff. It's good to have him back where he belongs.

Brilliant Snargaluff Encounter

Ah, you've got yerself a Snargaluff! Sprout would be chuffed. That's one livin' thing returned to the forest - only a few 'undred more to go!

Brilliant Salamander Encounter

Well now, that's more like it! Salamanders are proper magical beasts. Returning this little fella will bring some harmony back to the forest.

Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump Encounter

Well that stump definitely came from the forest. I think it was even the home to a creature at some point! Maybe see if yeh can find somethin' more... livin' next time, eh?

Brilliant Unicorn Encounter

Not many can say they've gotten so close to a Unicorn. Shy, they are. Yeh've done a good thing, sendin' her home to the forest.

Brilliant Acromantula Encounter

Ah, an Acromantula! Magnificent creatures, aren't they? He'll be much happier with his kin in the forest.

Hagrid Event Conclusion

The Forbidden Forest's more like its old self now it's regained some o' its missin' creatures. Thanks for all yer help - couldn't've done it without yeh!

Brilliant Event Tasks

After the initial Storyline Introduction, 

the Brilliant Event will unlock several new achievements with coveted rewards, including the new Skill Tree rank up items: Restricted Section Books.

The following is subjected to change. The current total rewards from the Brilliant Event Assignments are:

Event Tasks

Fantastic Flora and Fauna I


  • Collect from 3 Inns.

    • Reward: 2 Restricted Section Books

  • Pick up 2 Portkey Portmanteaus.

    • Reward: 15 Brilliant Event Registry XP

  • Return 1 Shard of Brilliant Hippogriff Foundable.

    • Rewards: 10 Brilliant Event Registry XP

Completion Rewards

  • 500 XP

  • 20 Brilliant Event Registry XP

  • 3 Restricted Section Books

  • Unlocks Fantastic Flora and Fauna II

Fantastic Flora and Fauna II


  • Return 1 Shard of Brilliant Unicorn Foundable.

    • Reward: 300 XP

  • Return 5 Medium-Low Threat Foundables

    • Reward: 10 Brilliant Event Registry XP

  • Perform 2 Great Spellcasts.

    • Reward: 15 Brilliant Event Registry XP


  • 25 Brilliant Event Registry XP

  • 1 Scorched Tree Stump Shard

  • 2 Restricted Section Books

  • Unlocks Fantastic Flora and Fauna III

Fantastic Flora and Fauna III


  • Return 1 Medium Threat Foundable.

    • Reward: 400 XP

  • Walk 3 Kilometers.

    • Reward: 10 Brilliant Event Registry XP

  • Return 1 Fantastic Flora and Fauna Foundable.

    • Reward: 15 Brilliant Event Registry XP


  • 25 Brilliant Event Registry XP

  • 3 Restricted Section Books

  • 2 Strong Extimulo Potion

  • Unlocks Fantastic Flora and Fauna IV

Fantastic Flora and Fauna IV


  • Open 3 Portkey Portmanteaus.

    • Reward: 500 XP

  • Brew 5 Potions.

    • Reward: 10 Brilliant Event Registry XP

  • Win 3 Challenges in Fortresses.

    • Reward: 15 Brilliant Event Registry XP


  • 5 Restricted Section Books

  • 1 Brilliant Salamander Shard

  • 100 Gold

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