Community Map Feature Added to Wizards Unite that Helps Players to Find Groups

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Article by David Teraoka

New Feature: Community Map

On August 6th, 2019, an announcement by user HPWUMICAH in the Official Wizards Unite community forum detailed the new Community Map feature that's available now through their forum. 

Users at the official HPWU community forum can now tag their geographic location with a double bracket, and a map will show other people's tagged posts, showing any areas around that may have other players!

At the time of this article's writing, there are already over 15 pins across North America in the "Local Groups and Events" tab. 


This map function will surely prove useful for any and all players who want to coordinate play across the globe. 

Niantic's other mobile games have had differing histories regarding map functions. Ingress Prime has had an intel map available for years and is supported by the community at large. 

Pokemon GO, however, has had zero support for a map feature by Niantic, and attempts to create mapping features externally have been met with shut-down attempts. Niantic made a statement early in Pokemon GO's life noting that these services were, in fact, not sanctioned by the company. 

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