Game Update: Potions Now Persist Across Encounters

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Summary of Changes

After a server-side update to Wizards Unite, potions now seem to persist through multiple encounters, both for Trace Encounters and Fortress battles. This applies to all three kinds of Exstimulo Potions as well as Wit-Sharpening Potions. It has not yet been confirmed if it also applies to Dawdle Daughts.

Players can see the change by using a potion in one Encounter and then attempting to use a potion in the next Encounter. If the potion would have had at least one use remaining (such as using a Potent Exstimulo and returning the Foundable in only one cast, leaving four uses remaining), the next encounter will show an easier return chance and will not allow the player to use any of that potion.

A Foundable with Exstimulo Potion Applied

The Threat Level is lowered, despite not using a new potion

Message: "This Potion is already active."

Attempting to use an Exstimulo Potion shows one is already in use.

The game currently does not show the potion in the second encounter, though it does seem to be applied anyway.

The same situation holds true in Fortress battles, where any remaining uses of an Exstimulo or Wit-Sharpening Potion are applied when fighting the next Foe.

It is unclear if the change is intentional, as the user interface is not showing the potions persisting, but it is hard to imagine such a significant change in potion behaviour happening unintentionally. Hopefully, the interface will be updated soon to match the new behaviour.

Tips to Make Use of the Change

Assuming the change is indeed here to stay, we'll likely see some new strategies develop around the new potion behaviour. Here are just a couple tips to start:

  • Brilliant Events: tired of the same Brilliant Foundables resisting over and over again but still want to return them? Use a Strong or Potent Exstimulo before trying to return 4-5 of them to make it go faster without it feeling like as much of a waste of a Potion.
  • Dark Detectors: See a rare Foundable? Use an Exstimulo, return it, and hope the next is another rare Foundable that you'll get to keep using that same Exstimulo on.
  • Aurors: This needs testing to confirm it works, but try using an Exstimulo and then do a First Strike hit on 3-5 Foes (depending on which Exstimulo you use) for an additional boost on top of the already-high damage from First Strike criticals.
  • Professors: It's not a huge change, but using an Exstimulo to meet a conditional will now last longer, so there's more motivation to keep using them, even if the Foe would be knocked out before the potion runs out.

As always, we'll keep an eye out for any other tips, as well as further changes to potion behaviour, to keep you updated! Good luck out there, witches and wizards!

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