Hermione, Neville, and Luna Head to Libraries

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Event Overview

Update: This article has been updated with clarification on which libraries will host the event as well as adding more Foundables to the list of those boosted.

"When in doubt, go to the library." —Ron Weasley, about Hermione Granger

The American Library Association just announced a new Wizards Unite event, taking place at "various libraries around the world." The event is part of International Games Week at Libraries.

Here are the details so far:

  • Start: Sunday, November 3rd at 8:00AM local time
  • End: Saturday, November 9th at 5:00PM local time
  • Where: most libraries
  • Bonuses: Increased spawns of the following: 

Tips for the Event

Finding a Library

Update: The Wizards Unite team stated that the spawns should appear at "most libraries." Since the start of the event, the GamePress team have confirmed that, for this event (as with many aspects of Wizards Unite), "library" is defined by Open Street Map (OSM) data.

To help you find an eligible library near you, we made this OSM Library lookup tool. Just move and zoom the map to your local area, and then hit "Run". It will then bring up all locations marked as libraries within that area. Most of these will probably already be marked as Hogwarts School Landmarks.

Note: The Library Lookup Tool has been updated to include more libraries. Double-check if your library was missing before.

Of course, if your library has no active spawn points, you might not see any of the special spawns even with the event going, but the tool should help you get an idea of where to look.

Taking Advantage of the Spawns

Assuming your local library has the event spawns, you'll want to be sure to head by during the week! Especially after a few days of Young Ginny Weasley, this is a great opportunity for players who are struggling to find many Legends of Hogwarts Traces to boost their rank and complete more of the pages.

However, most players will likely find their prestiging progress is still held up by the Dueling Dummy and Albus Dumbledore. In that case, it may be worthwhile to just set a goal for yourself for what Rank you want to reach.

If you have time, you might even be able to reach Max Rank (Rank 65*). Players have observed that they typically get level 3, 4, or 5 Runestones with each rank up after hitting Max Rank, so it's worth it to help get Challenge XP, even if you don't need the Foundables for your Registry.

As for Seamus and the two Professors, they're probably not ones keeping you from prestiging those pages, either. Use them as a chance to work on your Rank (especially Hogwarts School, since libraries typically have Hogwarts School flags) or skip them if you're low on Spell Energy.


While this event may not come loaded with tons of bonuses, it's still a great chance to work on Family Rank and finish some of the less common Foundables, like Hermione, Neville, and Luna. Plus, libraries hold a special place in the Harry Potter fandom, from Hermione's many trips to the Hogwarts library to all the wizard rock (music about Harry Potter) shows played in libraries.

Hopefully, this is just the first of many events in partnership with local libraries around the world!

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