New Gifting Feature Coming to Wizards Unite

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A New Gift From The WU Team

The holiday season is starting up, and Wizards Unite is getting in the spirit! According to the Wizards Unite Team, a new gifting feature will be introduced into the game soon. Players will be able to find gift boxes at Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses, and give send them to other players either through their Friends List or their Ministry ID.

UPDATE: As of 11/20/19, the latest update has added the gifting feature and it is now live in-game.

UPDATE: Our Gifting Guide is now up! Read it here to learn more about how gifting works.

What Can Be Gifted?

As far as we know, there are three different kinds of gifts: Blue Gift Boxes, Yellow Gift Boxes, and Green Gift Boxes. Blue Gift Boxes are found while dining at Inns and will give Spell Energy to players who receive them. Yellow Gift Boxes can be won from Fortresses and contain Runestones. And lastly, Green Gift Boxes can be harvested from Greenhouses and have Potion Ingredients inside for their recipients. If you pick up any kind of Gift Box at a sponsored location, it’ll contain greater base rewards that Boxes from non-sponsored Inns, Greenhouses, or Fortresses.

How Can You Gift?

The announcement also laid out some ground rules for how gifting will work as a mechanic. First and foremost: you can’t send a Gift Box to yourself. When you collect a box, it’ll be added to its own special inventory page from which you can send them to other players that you have in your Friends List. In that same vein, you can only send a gift to the same friend every 24 hours, but only if they’ve opened the last gift you sent them. Don’t worry though, Gift Boxes won’t expire so they can experience the magic of gifting any time!

Your gift inventory page can hold up to 100 Gift Boxes, but you can open up to 10 gifts every day so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep it under control. If you’re traveling for the holidays, your Gift Boxes will be tagged with a location so you and the friend you send it to will see the name of the Point of Interest, Inn, Fortress, or Greenhouse where you found it.


So there you have it: that’s everything we know right now about gifting in Wizards Unite. As we learn more, we’ll be sure to update this article so you’ll have all of the most up-to-date information!

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