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Earlier this month we let you know about the new app Wizarding World, that is now available on iOS and Android. You can read our entire breakdown of the app here. Today they announced their new membership Wizarding World Gold. The app is free to use, the membership adds some perks to using the app. 

Membership Benefits

Wizarding World Gold hosts a list of magical benefits to anyone who chooses to pay the yearly subscription price of $74.99 (US) and £59.99 (UK). We will list out all of the benefits below with a breif descroption of each.

  • Welcome Gift
    • Postcard print of J.K. Rowling's original Hogwarts sketch and an exclusive collectible pin badge, which features the Enchanted Key emblem!
  • Keys and Curios
    • This is a personalized book created just for you and mailed to you. It is an interactive journal with your name, house, and magical secrets about you. Each one is said to be completely different and unique
    • For those who are already familiar with the app this will include hidden keys just for you to find
  • Wizarding World Originals
    • Exclusive Video Series 
  • All 7 Harry Potter Series eBooks
    • These will only be available for the duration of your subscription and can be read directly from the app
  • Collectible Pin Badges
    • The first one is a golden flying key, the symbol for Wizarding World Gold included in your Welcome Gift
  • Special Events
    • Events that are held just for subscribers of Wizarding World Gold
    • Wizarding World Gold Christmas Part in the Great Hall at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is the first to be announced
  • Exclusive Discounts
    • Platform 9 3/4 at London's King's Cross Station 
    • Warner Bros Studio Tour London and Hollywood
    • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Exclusive Vacation Package at Universal Orlando Resort
  • Priority Booking
    • Enjoy priority access to events such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 
  • Early Access
    • Gain early access to merchandise and collectibles before its open to the public
  • Other Perks
    • New quizzes and puzzles within the app
    • Chances to win magical experiences

Final Thoughts

Wizarding World Gold has a lot of features but at the end of the day most of those will be available to the public without the extra fee. Having all 7 eBooks to read is nice, however are only available while you hold your Gold status. If you are most excited for that option you can buy the full collection on Amazon for $57.99 and own them. The personalized journal Keys and Curios is intriguing and created by MinaLima. What are your thoughts on the Gold subscription? Will you be purchasing it and enjoying all of the benefits listed above and more to come in the future?

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