Fantastic Foundables

Level Required 3

Starting Dialogue

"Part of the role of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force is to understand more about the Calamity. This will ensure the wizarding world remains hidden from Muggles."

"The best way for you to go about doing this is by returning as many Foundables as possible."

"Constance, why do we call the things the Calamity steals Foundables? Who came up with that?"

"That was Ms. Granger's idea. Foundables were lost, and now they are found. Found-ables. Personally, I think it's brilliant."


Task 1

x 50

Dine at 3 Inns

"The power of this Confoundable spell is quite incredible..."

"They say Grim Fawley cast the spell, but he seemed so sweet and... well... harmless. I can't believe he did it."

"Me, too. But when Penelope went missing, he changed."

"Don't forget Grim was an Unspeakable, Constance. He is a very capable wizard. Don't let appearances fool you."

Task 2

x 100

Return 2 Foundables of any Family

"Harry, what exactly does the Calamity steal?"

"Any number of things: artefacts, people, creatures and even memories..."

"About the only thing that is consistent between one and the next is that every Foundable is valued by someone."

"That which is most loved is made most vulnerable..."

Task 3

x 300

Place 1 Image in the Foundable Registry

"What happens if we don't return all these Foundables?"

"No one really knows, if we're honest. One fear - a legitimate one - is that the International Statute of Secrecy may collapse entirely."

"Well, that won't do at all!"

"We also don't know the long-term effects on what has been taken."

"Honestly? The situation is incredibly dire."

Bonus Rewards

x 5