Framing Foundables

Level Required 5

Starting Dialogue

"Can I tell you a secret? I am quite proud of the Registry. I was part of the Ministry team that put it together."

"We've managed to categorise everything that is lost in one place. It's quite something. I love organising and organisation."

"The Registry even magically expands when we discover new Foundables - that bit was Gareth Greengrass' work. Such a great mind, that man. "


Task 1

x 50

Return 3 Mysterious Artefacts Family Foundables.

"I don't know about you, but I love marking progress. Ms. Granger and I designed the Registry as a sort of "Calamity to-do list.""

"To be honest, I tried to get the name to be "The Calamity To-Do List", but I lost out to boring old "Registry" during the committee vote."

"You should know that the vote wasn't very close. Carry on."

"(whispers) Gethsemane Prickle. She's a delight, that one."

"I heard that!"

Task 2

x 100

Return 5 Legends of Hogwarts Family Foundables.

"One thing that is interesting - we can easily divide the Foundables into very clear groupings."

"You mean the Families?"

"Yes, there seems to be some pattern. Ultimately, it probably won't match up exactly with what you lot have defined in the Registry... "

"But whoever cast this spell had something very specific in mind..."

Task 3

x 300

Place 2 Dark Arts Family Foundables.

"Once you fully return a Foundable, the Registry has an Image of that Foundable waiting for you to put into place."

"It's one of my favourite parts of the Registry, filling in those little pictures..."

"It's very satisfying, isn't it?"

I am incredibly impressed by the way witches and wizards from across the world have pulled together during this crisis."

Bonus Rewards

x 5