Persistent Predicament

Level Required 10

Starting Dialogue

"One thing that is most disturbing... The Calamity has no end. Things continue to be taken from where they belong."

"Even things we have returned get re-taken. It's a viscious cycle, but if we don't keep returning what we find, it becomes overwhelming."

"In our long history, the wizarding world has never faced something quite like this."


Task 1

x 50

Unlock 1 5km Portkey Portmanteaus.

"I find the Porktey Portmanteaus particularly interesting... This spell created them and hid the Portkeys inside."

"Finding Keys, travelling a set distance, travelling to specific locations... It's all so very elaborate, isn't it? "

"Honestly, I cannot wait to get to the bottom of this."

Task 2

x 100

Walk 5 kilometres.

"Just to let you know, I've been keeping Minister Granger updated as to your progress battling the Calamity."

"I think she may invite you to be a full member of the SOS Task Force!"

"Now, don't say anything, but if you keep going like you are... you're in."

Task 3

x 300

Return 3 Dark Arts Family Foundables.

"I wonder, is it possible that the Calamity wasn't the result of a single wizard's grand plan? "

"Like it's the creation of some sort of cabal?"

"Thank you, for that, Constance. As if things aren't bad enough. "

"I was just thinking, what if it was more than a single spell? What if it were several spells combining together?"

Bonus Rewards

x 5