Diving Deeper

Level Required 14

Starting Dialogue

"Great news! Based on our earlier work, the Ministry have authorised me to start doing some deeper research into the Calamity. Are you up for it?"

"To get started, I need for you to try and return Foundables under some very specific conditions. Get started, I'll be in touch!"

"You get to help Hermione Granger with a special project?"

"I. Am. So. Jealous."


Task 1

x 50

Recover 5 Foundable Fragments.

"Foundables in Traces appear to us as whole, even when they are fragmented."

"You'd think there'd be some indication that they aren't complete, but there isn't. I wonder why that is? "

Task 2

x 100

Return 2 High risk Foundables.

"A Foundable's threat level aligning with the difficulty of the Confoundable is a strange coincidence, isn't it? Is it possible the Calamity adjusts to us?"

"Are you saying it's somehow alive?"

"No, no. Magic doesn't work like that. I'm suggesting that perhaps part of the spell is that it \"reads\" us."

"A bit like the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts?"

"Or the mirror of Erised... Food for thought."

Task 3

x 300

Defeat 10 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

"Fortresses are such an elaborate gesture - building entire towers and populating them with Foes just to protect what is stolen."

"It's sort of like the Department of Mysteries, but more diabolical."

"They're not quite the same thing - we don't have minions stationed outside to stop you from getting into the Department of Mysteries..."

"But you're not far off. Someone is protecting what's inside there with everything they've got."

Bonus Rewards

x 5