Chasing the Wind

Level Required 18

Starting Dialogue

"Hermione, if the Calamity is evaluating and responding to us, couldn't we try and influence it?"

"It's an idea worth looking into."


Task 1

x 50

Perform 5 Masterful Spell Casts.

"If the Calamity can "read" us, it does make sense that we may be able to influence it."

"Do you think it is possible that the spell is actually "watching us"? Observing what we do and how we do it..."

"That would be truly awful, wouldn't it? A spell watching you, all day, every day? I don't even want to think about it."

Task 2

x 100

Recover 3 Troll Bogeys from Troll Confoundables.

"Troll bogeys. You brought back Troll bogeys?"

"Quick, give me those before they disappear!"

"That. Is. Dis. Gusting."

"We all must make sacrifices for the cause, Constance. Now, step aside before I accidentally spill on you."

Task 3

x 300

Brew 7 Potions.

"We've noticed that Potions are more effective against the chaotic elements of the Calamity than one might expect."

"The effects are quite potent. It makes potions very useful."

"Have you met Gethsemane Prickle? We've made her available to volunteers. She's an expert Potions Master, if a little... well, prickly."

"I heard that!"

Bonus Rewards

x 5