Level Required 20

Starting Dialogue

"{FIRST_NAME}, what do you make of Oddities?"

"They seem particularly dangerous because they seem to be both the Foundable and Confoundable in one... If a Muggle ran across one..."

"It might be worth our time to learn more about them."


Task 1

x 50

Recover 5 Doxy Droppings from Doxy Oddities.

"Doxy droppings... really? I think we need to hide these from Hermione."

"Hide what from me? Oooh, are those Doxy droppings? I'll take those, thank you very much."

"{FIRST_NAME}, if you bring Dragon dung into this office, I will never speak to you again."

Task 2

x 100

Recover 2 Tufts of Werewolf Hair from Werewolf Oddities

"If you ever needed proof that the Calamity is grave indeed, well now you have it."

"Werewolves walking the streets, looking for an easy meal."

"We've got to figure out a solution to this!"

Task 3

x 300

Dine at Inns 10 times.

"Since we're becoming friends, I think I'll share a little secret..."

"I played a little unfairly to land this post, assisting Ms. Granger. I knew when I joined the Ministry I desperately wanted to work with her."

"So I moved my application into the pile I knew she would be drawing assistants from. I suppose that might have been cheating, but I don't really care."

"She's such an icon for those of us who are Muggle-born."

Bonus Rewards

x 5