News: Brilliant Event Fantastic Flora and Fauna to be Rerun!

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Article by Kritaarth Mahankali

Brilliant Event Rerun

Notifications in game have just revealed that the first Brilliant Event from the beta, Fantastic Flora and Fauna, will be running again from 6 PM on Wednesday, July 3 to 6 PM Wednesday, July 10 (GMT). It is not confirmed whether all countries will receive the event simultaneously, or whether each area will have it start at 6 PM on July 3 in local time. 

Brilliant Event Notif
This in-game notification was taken at approximately 4 PM, PDT

As Brilliant Events are the only current way to get Restricted Section Books for Profession Skill Tree progression, on top of having other unique Foundable rewards and Player Customization options, we can't wait for this event, previously only run in the beta, to come back around for the live release! 

You can see our Fantastic Flora and Fauna Guide for all the juicy details about the Event and Event Rewards!

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