Update 2.0.0 Patch Notes

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Update Contents

Hey, witches and wizards! Update 2.0.0 of the Wizards Unite Beta has just dropped, and it's a big one! Here's a quick rundown of all of the changes Niantic made in this recent patch, and then we’ll jump into detail on all of the new features.


  • Friends feature is live!
  • Achievements feature added
  • SOS Assignments feature added
  • Loading video about the Calamity 


  • Professions now include Profession Grades which show your progress through the skill tree
  • New Oddities page
  • Family XP awarded instantly when placing an image in the Registry
  • Potions can now be used on the Arena Map.
  • Chambers now show the recommended Profession Grade to help players gauge difficulty.
  • During your first few Wizarding Challenges as a solo player, you will see Foes with a variety of Profession affinities.
  • Challenges have been updated to encourage teaming up with others by making later Chambers more difficult.
  • New offers and updated pricing in the shop (Diagon Alley)
  • Two new Mystery items have been added to the Mysteries Registry
  • Various changes to Potion brew times, Ingredients on the Map, and Ingredients as Portkey rewards.
  • Improved loading times. Optimized the playing experience for Samsung S10 phones.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on some Android devices that received an error message stating GPS permissions to the app were not granted. A new message has been added to the game with steps on how to fix this issue. Make sure your device location is on and set to high accuracy. [iOS only]
  • Fixed an issue with Delays when switching between AR & AR+ mode on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+
  • Fixed an issue with a Foe’s icon displaying incorrectly that another player is engaged in combat with the Foe.
  • Fixed an issue with Potion Brewing push notifications causing a black screen if you tap on it while inside an Inn or Greenhouse.
  • [Android Only] Fixed an issue that would cause the app to get stuck if you tapped the Android back button on the Potion information page.
  • Fixed an issue where players would, occasionally, not receive a notification when a Potion is finished brewing
  • Fixed an issue where a plant would get stuck in the Pot if you flicked up (quickly swiping up) on the plant.


There were several hints it was on its way, and now it’s here: the Friends feature! Players can add each other as friends in game. To do this, one player must generate a friend code to share, and the other can input it and send the request. Once the first player accepts the friend request, both players will be friends.

While there are not many benefits to becoming friends just yet, the current perks include bonus XP when completing Challenges together. There are also now achievements related to adding friends.

friends interface


Achievements offer rewards for completing a wide range of tasks, from using spells and potions to adding new friends, and reward players with XP, ingredients, scrolls, gold, and more. Tasks are tiered from bronze to gold, and while some tasks are simple, others will likely involve weeks, months, or even years of gameplay to complete. 

There are also new badges and Titles that can be earned from completing certain Achievements.

achievements interface

SOS Assignments

The new SOS Assignments is another feature focused on the storyline of Wizards Unite. Here, players will follow a set sequence of tasks in order to uncover more clues and information about the Calamity.

SOS assignments interface