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With the beginning of the global rollout of Wizards Unite announced for June 21st, the hype train is going full steam! Niantic is still dropping small updates before the official U.S./U.K. release starts. Let's walk through the latest of those, Update 2.0.1. You can also head over and check out our coverage of the official pre-launch event at Universal Studios Hollywood!

  • Greenhouse Social Growing
  • Achievements
  • Wizarding Challenges
    • Skill changes
    • Timer changes
    • Reward increases
  • Registry
    • Increased chance to get higher-level Runestones from Family Chests
  • Ministry ID Portrait
    • Herbology earmuff lens unlocked at Level 3
    • New Fireworks animated frame
  • Dailies
    • Update to Daily Task, Daily Rewards
  • Potions

Time for a quick rundown of the big changes!

New Greenhouse Feature

Greenhouses have been updated with a new feature called Social Growing! On the map, you can find Seeds and Water, which you can then use at Greenhouses in order to grow Potion Ingredients. You can even collaborate with other players - multiple people can contribute, and the rewards scale for everyone in turn! Perfect if you're sick of trying to get a particular Ingredient naturally and decide that self-grown is easier!

Wizarding Challenges

An Auror Skill and Professor Skill have been switched around due to what seems like a mistake in assigning favored enemies!

  • Auror Skill "Full Moon Hunter" (+30% Defense Breach vs. Werewolves) is now "Mundungus Among Us" (+20% Protego power vs. Dark Wizards)
  • Professor Skill "Mundungus Among Us" has conversely been changed to "Full Moon Hunter" (values unchanged)
  • You will not lose any skill points already invested in the Skill despite the swap.

As far as Wizarding Challenge mechanics specifically:

  • Chamber II and up countdown timer changed from 15 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Bonus Challenge XP rewards added when playing with friends, scaling higher as number of friends increases


Daily Tasks:

  • 'Walk 0.7 Kilometers' task has been updated to 'Walk 0.25 Kilometers'

Daily Treasures:

  • Daily login rewards updated

Bug Fixes

As mentioned above, there seems to have been an issue with Professors and Aurors having their preferred Foes switched around. That's now been fixed.

  • Werewolf correctly flagged as Professor Foe
  • Dark Wizard correctly flagged as Auror Foe

That's it for Update 2.0.1! 

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