Update 2.1.0 Patch Notes

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There have been a whole load of news and updates in the past 24 hours! Yesterday, we broke down the event announcements for you, and now we’ve got a breakdown of all of the updates to the game coming with version 2.1.0.

Some of the changes are already live, while others will only go live after updating the app via the Play or App Store. Read on for new content, interface updates, bug fixes, and more!

New Content

Six new Foundables can now be found in Trace Encounters:

A whole new page has been added to Wizarding Challenges, Symbols of the Wizarding World III. This page is centered around Ilvermorny and contains the following Foundables:

  • Ilvermorny Crest
  • Thunderbird Crest
  • Wampus Cat Crest
  • Horned Serpent Crest 
  • Pukwudgie Crest

A few new cosmetic items for the Ministry ID were added:

  • Butterbeer Cork Necklace Portrait Lenses (Level 4 unlock)
  • Death Eater Smoke Portrait Frame (Level 25 unlock)
  • Beauxbatons Carriage Sticker
  • Durmstrang Ship Sticker
  • Beauxbatons Butterflies Sticker

New but not live (yet)

In addition to all of the new content above, there are also new assets in the game, including new Foundables and new potions! Thanks to u/zviznemte for finding these

There are five new Magical Games and Sports Foundables. While we don't have the official names yet, they are all on a fourth, unreleased Registry page and all seem to tie in with the Gryffindor Quidditch Team:

  • Gryffindor Quidditch Banner
  • Quidditch Supporter Neville Longbottom
  • Quidditch Player Seamus Finnigan
  • Quidditch Supporter Hermione Granger
  • Quidditch Supporter Luna Lovegood

Two new Potions:

  • Tonic for Trace Detection
  • Polyjuice Potion

The Tonic for Trace Detection seems to function similarly to a Dark Detector, but instead of being placed on an Inn and showing Traces for all players in the area, the Traces come to the player who used the potion and other players do not benefit. (Those familiar with Pokémon GO might recognise it as Incense.)

As with the new Registry page, these potions are not yet available in game.

Finally, there are also some new Portrait Lenses in the code, but these are also not yet available.

Interface Updates

Several updates were made to help players better manage their Spell Energy:

  • Spell Energy now appears on the Overworld Map
  • Spell Energy now appears on in Fortresses when choosing a Chamber
  • A new message appears before starting a Wizarding Challenge to warn players if they are low on Spell Energy
spell energy on overworld map

Other Updates

There were a couple other changes to combat and Wizarding Challenges:

  • Lowered the amount of XP rewards in early Chambers (1-8) and increased the amount of XP rewards in higher-level Chambers (11+)
  • Increased the effectiveness of all Exstimulo Potions in combat

Players can now also change their “Code Name” (the name that shows to other players in Fortresses and the Friends List) through the Settings menu. Please note that players can only change this once, so choose wisely.

7km Portkeys

Several players started reporting issues with 7km Portkeys yesterday. Niantic later confirmed the issue and advised players to hold off on opening any 7km Portkeys until after the Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event starts at 11am PDT / 6pm GMT on Tuesday. 

After the event start, all 7km Portkeys (including ones collected during the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event) will award Potter’s Calamity related rewards. It is unclear at this time whether the issue will impact 7km Portkeys opened between the two halves of the event.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive the Lessons tutorial if they reached Level 6 and tapped Lessons before getting through the full Professions tutorial
  • [Android Only] Fixed an issue that when using AR mode inside of a Portkey, navigation would drift when your device was not moving
  • Fixed an issue where in low data connectivity, the game became unresponsive for a short moment when collecting an Ingredient from the Map
  • Fixed an issue where if players tapped quickly through the Level 2 Daily Assignments tutorial, they would experience an issue where the Daily Treasure calendar appearing blank
  • Fixed an issue where after returning a Foundable and exiting the Rewards page, players would see the AR or AR+ background briefly before returning to the Map

Known Issues

  • Navigation may become inverted when moving the device around inside of the Portkey
  • [iPads Only] Players will currently not be able to share their Ministry ID or Portrait images. Tapping the share button does not open the sharing options
  • When the device language is set to European Spanish, the game will load Latin American Spanish translations. To resolve this issue, update the language to “Spanish (European)” in the game’s settings menu.
  • “Download All Assets” may occasionally fail before completing the full download.
  • If players exit the game during the Hagrid Foundable tutorial, they may become unable to leave the Registry screen. Please do not exit the game during the tutorial to avoid this issue. Restarting the game a second time should fix this issue.
  • Players may see the “Network Error” message at various points during gameplay. Checking network conditions and restarting the app should help resolve this issue.

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Thræn is a Wizards Unite writer for GamePress and life-long Harry Potter fan.