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A brand new update to Wizards Unite, version 2.4.0, was announced yesterday. The update started rolling out for Android users immediately, but the update only just went live on iOS around 8am PDT today (Wednesday). 

Read on for a breakdown of all of the new features, interface updates, bug fixes, and more, as well as some cautions about new bugs players have reported in this update.

New Brilliant Event

The long wait for more Restricted Section Books is almost over! Along with the update, the Wizards Unite team has just announced the next Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces! Here’s a sneak peak:

Part One

Fighting Forces Part One
  • Start: Tuesday, October 8
  • End: Tuesday, October 14

This half of the event appears to feature Death Eaters and their allies. That’s the Malfoy family crest in the top right, and the background image appears to be the prison inside Malfoy Manor where Ollivander and others were held. 

“Ollivander in Chains” appears to be a new Portkey-only foundable for the event, so perhaps we’ll see him for the first part of the event and others in Malfoy Manor during the events of Deathly Hallows.

Part Two

Fighting Forces Part Two
  • Start: Tuesday, October 22
  • End: Tuesday, October 28

No start or end times have been given yet, but based on previous Brilliant events, we expect these will both start and end at 11:00 PDT / 18:00 UTC.

The second part of the event appears to focus on the Order of the Phoenix. The background looks like in 12 Grimmauld Place, headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix and home Sirius Black in the original Harry Potter series. 

Sirius Black is prominently featured, along with a phoenix (possibly Fawkes) and what appears to be the Portrait of Phineas Nigellus (which, like Ollivander, has been found in the code as a Portkey-only Foundable).

Other event assets

A new portkey location was also added: 12 Grimmauld Place. This appears to be the Portkey location for both halves of the event.

Unlike previous Brilliant Events, there also seems to be a special Wizarding Achievements badge (bottom row of icons on your Ministry ID) for the event:

Fighting Forces Badge

It’s unclear at this time how players will be able to earn it (or even if it will actually be available). It may be a reward only available by completing the Special Assignments for both parts of the event.

New Store Pack Assets

There are also new assets for store packs. While previous store packs all featured “gift” imagery, these new ones are trunks and come in three styles: generic, brilliant event, and community day:

New Store Trunks

It is not known at this time if these will be replacing the gift assets or may be a new type of store pack, nor is it known if these will be used for free packs, purchasable packs, or both. 

Quality of Life Improvements

This update comes with several new features aimed at improving overall quality of life in the game.

Animation skips are here!

A much requested feature has finally arrived: players can now skip several animations with a simple tap. Here are the animations players can now skip the following animations:

  • Returned foundable

This new feature only works for Foundables which players have already returned at least once. 

Players can tap to skip to the rewards screen as soon as their spell is cast. If the spell is successful, players will be taken immediately to the rewards screen. If the counfoundable resists, the animation will not be skipped.

Players have reported new bugs from this feature, including not seeing the reward screen at all after a successful cast, even if they do not tap to skip the animation.

  • Foe defeat

The animation skip works against Oddities and in Fortresses too! After casting the final blow, players can tap to skip the defeat animation.

However, this feature is currently very buggy, so use caution. In particular, do not tap to skip the animation if the Foe is defeated by Deterioration Hex. Players have reported the app completing crashing and needing to restart in such cases.

  • Pots shuffling in greenhouses

Players can tap to skip the shuffling as soon as they visit a greenhouse. For players using public transport or playing as a passenger, this will make greenhouses easier to visit while in motion.

Ministry ID

  • Dismiss red dots faster

The official patch notes claim players “will no longer have to tap each Lens, Frames, or Stickers in your Ministry ID Portrait to dismiss the new item badge.” 

Unfortunately, this has not significantly reduced the amount of tapping required to clear the red dot, as players will still need to open the Portrait, take a picture, and visit the appropriate menu to clear the red dot.

  • See Achievements from Ministry ID

Wondering where that fancy badge under Wizarding Achievements came from? Players can now tap and hold any Achievement badge on their Ministry ID to see which Achievement they completed to earn it.

Note, however, that this is only possible for badges displayed on the Ministry ID and is not currently possible when viewing Friends’ Ministry IDs. Players will need to edit their ID to display the badges they wish to check.

Achievement Badge Text


  • Rewards screen fix

Players will now see the Portkey Rewards screen even if they are unable to tap 5 wrackspurts before leaving the Portkey (whether intentionally or due to drift or other error). Previously, players would receive rewards for all 5 wrackspurts but would not see the Rewards screen.

  • Fewer dialog boxes

Previously, when players had multiple Portkeys unlock at once, they had a dialog box pop up for each Portkey. With this update, players will only have one dialog box alerting them that their Portkeys have unlocked.

Spell Energy in Sponsored Fortresses

Sponsored Fortresses now give a small amount of Spell Energy when successfully completed. Reports so far have ranged from 1-10 Spell Energy per Wizarding Challenge.

Chamber and number of players both seeming to impact the amount of Spell Energy received. For solo play, early reports suggest that the formula for Spell Energy is half that of the Chamber level, rounded up, though this is only an approximation at this time.

New AR Photo

Bogrod is now available for AR photos from the Registry in Photo Mode.

Bogrod in Photo Mode

Bug Fixes

Wizarding Challenges

  • Fixed an issue with Recommended Grade for Chambers being displayed in red text if the player’s Grade is equal to the recommended Grade


  • Fixed an issue where players may become stuck in the Potions Tutorial if they tap the ladle before the Tutorial sequence reaches the Master Notes section

SOS Assignments

  • [Beta Players] Players who were in beta before SOS Assignments were introduced are unable to complete the Mysteries tasks

  • Fixed an issue where progress for the SOS Assignment: ‘Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges with 3 Teammates’ wasn’t consistently recorded.


  • Fixed an issue where players would receive a message that there isn't enough space on their device to "Download All Assets", even if there's adequate space available on their device

  • Fixed an issue with the “Download All Assets” occasionally failing

Known Issues


  • The “Friends Listed 1: Have 1 Friend in Your Friends List” Achievement may not appear completed until an hour has passed

Wizarding Challenges

  • Foes may appear to receive Stamina or have negative Stamina after being attacked or defeated

Ministry ID

  • Players may receive a black screen when switching from the app in Gallery Mode, to take a photo from the device’s camera roll, then going back to the app

  • Player’s Portrait may become inverted when taking a photo in the Ministry ID


  • Foundables that are not from Encounters can sometimes have a high Seen number, even if they are not Seen in Encounters

  • Foundables in Photo Mode may flip around when a player taps on the Foundable to reposition


  • Potion Brewing Queue slots may disappear after collecting a Potion and immediately attempting to brew another Potion. Exiting the Potions section fixes this issue.


  • Player may receive an error if they attempt to add an emoji to their Codename or to their First/Last Name (Ministry ID Name)

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Thræn is a Wizards Unite writer for GamePress and life-long Harry Potter fan.