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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite may have only launched four months ago, but already there’s been so many features added in and expanded on, that it can be a lot to keep track of sometimes. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy overview of all of the tools that we here at the Wizards Unite team have built over the past few months. Wether you’re a new player, or a veteran member of the SOS Task Force, these tools should make combating the Calamity just a little easier!

Event Caldendar

Brilliant Events and Community Days are some of the most exciting things in Wizards Unite, especially when they include new Foundables, or make rarer Foundables easier to find. It can get to be a lot to keep track of; when does the second week of the Brilliant Event start? What time does Community Day start? That’s why we created our handy-dandy event calendar! Located on our homepage, just below our latest updates, the calendar has all officially-announced events laid out with their names, timeframes, starting times, and ending times. It’s great for figuring out what’s happening when, as well as strategizing on how to make the most out of your game time.

A calendar with colored bars showing the duration of different events.

The Event Calendar showing the time frame between Week 2 of the Fighting Forces Brilliant Event and the Halloween Quest.

Foundables List

Fighting and returning Foundables make up the core of Wizards Unite’s gameplay, and the sheer number of Foundables that you can encounter in-game reflects this. Each Foundable you can find is associated with a page and family within the Registry, as well as a spell used to recover it and a location it returns to after your spell is successful. 

Our comprehensive Foundables List provides some of this information in our at-a-glance entries: starting with the Foundable’s Registry Family on the far left, followed by the Foundable’s name and picture, it’s threat level, where it can be obtained, and lastly it’s Registry page on the far right.

A sample of some entries on the Foundables List.

Entries in the Foundables List showing (from left to right): Registry Family, Foundable name and picture, threat level, encounter method, and Registry page.

The list can also be filtered by Registry Family. You can choose from Families you can find while exploring the overworld, such as Magizoology and Legends of Hogwarts, to those available only in Wizarding Challenges, such as Joke Products and Magical Devices, as well as the Mysteries related to the story lore and Foundables only available during Brilliant Events. Simply click on the Family icon you want to filter the list, or enter the Foundable’s name in the search bar if you’re looking for one, specific Foundable. And if you want more information about a given Foundable, it’s Registry page, or it’s obtainment method, just click on the names in it’s listed entry. It’s that easy!

The Registry family icons.

The filters are represented by the icons of each Registry Family.

Combat Damage Formula

While many Foundables can be found while exploring the overworld, some require that you enter a Fortress and combat dark forces in order to recover them. Fortress combat in Wizards Unite can get tricky as well, which is why we figured out how damage is calculated in-game! Our combat formulas help give you an idea of how much damage Fortress enemies will deal to you, as well as how much damage you’ll deal in return. If you know that you’ll be heading into a fight, then this is great for knowing how many healing potions you should brew ahead of time!

Profession Stat Comparison

The Professions act as Wizards Unite’s player class system with the option to choose between Auror, Professor, or Magizoologist. Each Profession comes with it’s own pros and cons, discussed in our “Which Profession is Right for You” article, as well as it’s own skill tree to help you become more effective in Fortress combat. To help you make an even more informed decision about your Profession, we’ve compiled all of the stats of each profession into a series of handy tables. You’ll find the max values a profession can achieve in a given stat, what each stat means, and which skills each Profession has access to through its skill tree. We’ve also included the total number of scrolls, spell books, and restricted section books each profession needs in order to max out its skill tree.

A table showing each profession's max values for a couple stats.

Profession Skill Trees

We developed a handy, interactive version of each Profession’s skill tree to help you allocate your precious scrolls, red spell books, and restricted section books accordingly. You can click on each skill in the tree, click the same skill again to increase the level of that skill, and the change in scroll, spell book, and restricted section book cost will be reflected at the top of the tree along with the change in your combat stats.

Part of the magizoologist skill tree.

Skills and their respective levels can be selected in the interactive skill tree.

A chart showing skills' power and material cost.

Based on the skills chosen in the tree, the material costs and skills' power is shown here.

Table showing stat changes.

The changes to conditional buffs are also shown.

Friend Codes

Connecting with your fellow witches and wizards is all part of the fun of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. By getting to know other players in your area, you can form a team to help take on higher-level Fortresses, make the most out of Community Day, and talk about all of your favorite Wizards Unite moments! Check out our regular Friend Code threads to get connected with players from around the world!


The world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is expansive and the gameplay mechanics tie in really well with each aspect of the lore of both Wizards Unite and the larger Wizarding World. The sheer volume of mechanics can get overwhelming, even for experienced players, but with all of the tools listed above and our archives of guides, events, and databases it becomes easy to make the most of your game time!

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