World Flipper Reroll Guide


Step 1: Start the Game and choose "Guest Login."

Don't bind the account until you are certain you want to keep it.

Step 2: Set Permissions

It's easiest to click all, but if you don't want annoying push notifications you can also opt into just clicking the 3 small mandatory checkboxes.

Step 3: Download the Remaining Data

It should be just under 3 GB total.  It might take a while, so try to do this on WiFi.

Step 4: Skip Tutorial

The Tutorial Skip button is on the left instead of the right, where it's intuitive to press on the right side.  Don't fall for this or you will be subject to a time sink.

In the event you accidentally click it, depending on your access to bandwith/internet speed, it might be faster to just redownload the game.

Step 5: Do the Tutorial Pull and Collect Gala Rewards

It is possible to get a 5* from the single tutorial pull, but the chances are low.  The Gala Rewards are collected right afterwards, consisting of Arisa (from Shadowverse) and 1500 Beads.  

Step 6: Collect Pre-Registration Rewards

Click on the "Home" Button, then on the Homescreen click on the "Mail" icon on the left.  This should open up the mail.  Collect all the mail, which should consist of Staminade, and more importantly, 3500 Beads and a 4/5* Ticket.  

Step 7: Time to Roll

There should be enough beads to do a total of 34 rolls.  Click on the "Portal" tab at the bottom and start rolling.  Remember to use the 4/5* Ticket by selecting it's banner on the Portal screen. Do note that the chances of getting a 5* are only 5% on this ticket.  

If you aren't paying attention in your reroll spree, do note that World Flipper will ask you if you are having fun (Android) or to rate the game (iOS) if you do pull a 5 star.  

Step 8: Did you get who you wanted?

If you don't have a strong like for any particular character, here's the reroll Tier List from underl1ght, EN World Flipper Discord Mod.  To check out their explanations, here is their document.

Do note that the tier list is not absolute in terms of usage; lower tiered characters can do extremely well with certain combinations.

Step 9: Clearing Data

Didn't get who you wanted?  It's time to clear data and repeat everything again.  Unfortunately with the removal of the Easy Reroll button, there is no easy way to reroll outside of redownloading the app. 

On Android:

  • Go to App settings
  • Delete App Data.

On iOS:

Uninstall and Reinstall the game from the App store.

Finished Rerolling?

What rolls did you settle on? A nice spread? S-Tiers only? Your favorite waifu, husbando, or ... dragon (poor Wagner)? Or are you skipping the rerolls and jumping straight into the game? Share below!


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