Y Wing Bomber, General Skywalker Counter, and Disney Plus: This Week in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes November 15, 2019


Today we discuss the brand new Y wing bomber, Warrior's New video on the Commander Luke Skywalker Counter to General Skywalker, and Disney+.

Hi Holotable Heroes and welcome to This week in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Today we discuss the brand new Y wing bomber, Warrior's New video on the Commander Luke Skywalker Counter to General Skywalker, and Disney+.  So pull up a chair and prepare the beverage of your choice for your news to the universe of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

BTL-B Y Wing Bomber

The Y Wing Bomber is an extremely powerful Galactic Republic Tank that will certainly see some meta usage at the top of fleet shards everywhere, and I forsee High Whale level spenders maxing it immediately.  I recommend that everyone farms it when it becomes farmable.  The Y Wing Bomber pairs very well with General Kenobi’s Negotiator and time will tell if she ends up on the frontlines or as a reinforcement. WIth the number of fantastic GR tanks, it’s quite possible that she’ll end up as a reinforcement since her hardware ability gives her taunt for three turns.

Description copied verbatim with formatting changes and "Final Text" removed from the Developer kit Reveal here:




CATEGORIES: Tank, Galactic Republic

Galactic Republic Tank that can withstand significant damage and Taunts when its allies are in need


Basic: Twin Laser Cannons

Deal Physical damage to target enemy. This attack deals 20% more damage for each ally with Valor.

Special 1:Torpedoes Away!(Cooldown 3)

Deal Physical damage to the target enemy and the weakest enemy, and dispel all buffs on them. Then, the Y-wing Taunts and gains Protection Up (50%) for 2 turns. This attack can't be evaded.

Unique 1: Astromech Advantage

The Y-wing has +15% Max Protection for each Galactic Republic ally, including Reinforcements, present at the start of battle.

The Y-wing recovers 10% Health whenever a Galactic Republic ally is critically hit by an enemy, and Taunts for 2 turns anytime Unending Loyalty's effect triggers on an allied ship.

When the Y-wing is defeated, all Galactic Republic allies gain +30% counter chance for the rest of the battle.

Hardware: Backup Procedure

Enter Battle: The Y-wing Taunts for 3 turns and grants all allies Retribution for 1 turn.

Warrior Releases In Depth Commander Luke Skywalker counter to General Skywalker Video

The cone of silence is over, and Warrior is prepared to do the detailed team tech videos that gained him prestige early in his YouTubing Career. This is the definitive guide on the CLS counter to GenSky tested against one of the strongest GenSky teams in the game.  

The TL;DW is R3 min. CLS, R7 Han, R7Chewie, R3 min. Old Ben, and R3 min. C3PO.  

Mod Tech:

CLS for Speed (~310)>Crit Damage>Offense. 

Han for Offense (~9.5K Offense)>Crit Damage (200%+)>Speed (~278)

Chewie for Tenacity (~140%), Crit Damage, and Speed (~257)

C3PO for high Potency (125%) and Speed (~277)

Old Ben for Protection (~85K) and Speed (~220).  

Strategy: You want Guard on Han and CLS.  If those aren’t the ones guarded, add some health to C3PO. Topple GenSky ASAP, and try to defeat all Clones before GenSky comes out of cover.  Use Specials as much as you can to get more Translation buffs. Try to stun GenSky after all his allies are defeated.  

Kill Order:

Topple GenSky>Fives>Echo>Rex>Ahsoka>GenSky

Please watch Warriors fantastic video for more information and to see it in action:

Disney+ Available Now!

Disney Plus is out this week, and it’s offerings on Star Wars movies and television shows is quite complete missing only the holiday special and Rise of Skywalker (not out yet). I’m having a blast binge watching Star Wars: Rebels which is the source material for the Phoenix Squadron, Gar Saxon+ISC, and the version of Grand Admiral Thrawn we have ingame with Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.  At the current price, this streaming service is an absolute bargain, and the only place to watch the new series: The Mandalorian, which is sure to inspire future content ingame soon. I urge you not to miss out on this fantastic service.


Thank you for joining me for this weeks news from the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Universe.  I think my favorite part was Warrior's Video-- I was tingling with excitement to see a team breakdown that thorough on Youtube again.  I hope you all have a great week, and I will see you on the Holotables!


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