Zeong and Build Strike Gundam [Full Package] - Should You Pull?

GBGW Build Strike and Zeong


Today we've got another edition of Should You Pull, brought to you by AetherRose on our discord server at https://discord.gg/JTsv8gX. Check out my assessment of this week's banner below!



Wow! There’s so much to go over this week that I’m sort of glad my only job is going over the Parts themselves, otherwise I’d be here all day! The update, the multi missions, the return Parts, and of course the Zeong on a stand! That glorious stand! I love it absolutely, and I can’t wait to see if it stands on its own two legs. Wait where are you going come back please don’t leave me!

Last week we got 2,350 Haro Chips, and here’s how: 

  • 350 - Daily Achievements
  • 1,000 - Event Login
  • 330 - Mission Completion
  • 170 - Arena Participation
  • 500 - Special New Year's Present

Let’s set up some ground rules so you know exactly what to expect and how you should be treating this!

This is entirely my opinion, but I will do my best to justify my opinion and explain to you why I feel a certain way. If at all possible, I’ll use real numbers as well and present an objective outlook before my opinion.

Do not pull on the banner hoping for a single Part. It’s 0.2% for a single Part, which is 50x 10-pulls or 500 pulls. In terms of real money, that’s 5,400 USD. 

SS is considered meta defining, S is meta, A is great, B is average, C is below average, D is considered well below average, and F is awful. Parts are compared to all other Parts as a whole and on how well they synergize with other Parts. This means a 4* and a 3* would be compared to everything as low as a 1* to as high as other 4*s.

There are some notations which aren’t immediately obvious:

An EX Skill with D/B at 21/6 CD means it has a D in Piercing, B in Power, a 21 second cooldown, and it’s available for use 6 seconds after the match starts.

All stats, letters, and numbers are at Max Value.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get right into the new banner and what we’re looking at this week!

This week is a normal banner, which means it will be going to Standard Gunpla Parts Capsule when the week is up.

Banner Grade: B

Summary: This banner has a 1% (3.34%) chance of drawing something above average, and a 0.4% (1.33%) chance of drawing something of great value or higher.

While this banner has some very phenomenal Parts, they’re far and few between. Before the advent of our mighty 4* Select, I still would not have recommended this banner, but with the added incentive to avoid pulling for few or singular Parts, there is no reason to pull here unless you’re a huge fan of either gunpla, in which case good luck.

I would skip.

Prime Pool percentages are in parenthesis


GBGW Zeong

Head: A-

Being at 3,181 S.Atk already makes this a great Head. This is equivalent to many other Heads, and while the highest S.Atk is currently in the 3,300~ range, it’s still close enough. Moving on, this Head has an EX Skill. Head Vulcans aga-wait no it’s not. This is amazing! It’s a decent EX Skill, actually, rocking A+/C- at 79/4s and comes with a S.Atk buff of 29% and S.Def buff of 19%. The heavily reduced initial CD (4s, when it’s usually 12s+) means this works well in Arena, making this a great Part!

Chest: B+

The Chest is worse, with only average stats and no Word Tags to make up for it. On the plus side, it reduces EX Skill CD by 20%, which is excellent for Supports and longer fights in general, however not great for the current meta since it doesn’t reduce the Initial EX Skill CD.

Arms: B

With well below average stats and abysmal Word Tags (like the rest of the set) we are not off to a good start with these Arms. Nor will we be off to a good finish since its EX Skill offers a meager A+/D at 21/3s CD.

Legs: C

Again, average stats, but this comes with a surprise: an EX Skill titled “Torso Mega Particle Cannon”. Torso? Okay. It’s below average anyways, with only B+/C- and 60/15s CD, abysmal damage for the CD cost.

Aesthetics: D+

If the Legs come with the stand, then this is an easy SS+, otherwise uhhh… I mean it’s great for meme builds because the proportions are wacky, but it’s not really going to suit a gunpla that’s trying to look aesthetically pleasing.

Build Strike Gundam [Full Package]

GBGW Build Strike Gundam Full Package

Head: C

Oh gee wow, another Head with average stats and Head Vulcans!

Chest: C

This fine looking Chest is strutting its stuff with average stats and a completely dismal Part Trait: “When Armor is 80% or less, EX Skill DMG output boosted by 35”. Yikes.

Arms: B-

Be still my beating heart. These Arms are SO sexy, yet they just aren’t the magic fingers you’re looking for. With an average 2,378 M.Atk and another well below par Part Trait, this is a hard skip. For those wondering, the Trait boosts Strong Melee CRT by 30% with Technique.

Legs: C

Give me something to work with here Bandai. I love you guys but this is just bleak. Again, average stats. Again, the EX Skill is pretty below par, offering a mere stipend of D/B+ at 21/3s.

Backpack: S+

I ASK, AND I RECEIVE! I have something to work with, thank you Bandai! This is most likely my next 4* Select, to be honest. While it does sport average stats, it’s hiding the diamond in the rough. This diamond of a Beam Shot EX Skill boasts D/A at 79/20s, and boosts both M.Atk and S.Atk by 24% for your entire Squad. Hopefully this has more accuracy than the last one, but boy does it offer so much buffing to your entire Squad while hitting hard!

Beam Rifle [Build Strike]: A+

With 3,176 S.Atk, the Protag. Word Tag, and a Part Trait that boosts Initial CD by 20% when you’re Out Fighter, this is clearly one of the best Ranged Weapons for Out Fighters.

Enhanced Beam Rifle [Build Strike]: A

Man this thing looks like it came right out of a PSX videogame and I freaking ADORE that! Regardless, it has 4,004 S.Atk, already making it a solid R. Weapon, however that’s basically all it has going for it. Asides from that, the Part Trait gives a 17% boost to Job Gauge with Technique, and Protag. offers some benefit to mixed builds like Out Fighters and Mid Shooters.

Shield: SS-

With average, arguably above average, stats at 1,602 for both Defenses and 417 for both Resistances, this Shield manages to stand out from the crowd as probably the best or one of the best Shields in the game. This is because of its EX Skill, whcih I’m still shocked Bandai put on a Shield--D/B 60/0s. Yup, 0s Initial CD, which meaaaaaans MAGAZINE. 11 Magazine, in fact. Praise it or be destroyed by it. Your choice.

Aesthetics: S

I love what a lot of the Build Strike [FULL PACKAGE] does! It’s versatile, with a medium build type, has really nifty colors and some unique shapes on the Arms and Back, and to top it off that retro Gun it’s sporting is to die for!

AI Pilots Uso Ewin(4*) and Jean-Luc Duval (3*)

GBGW Pilots Uso Ewin and Jean-Luc Duval

Banner Grade: D

This banner has nothing for you unless you’re a fan of either Pilot. Both have below average stats and Part Traits.

Uso Ewin: D

795 down the board, except 609 B.Res and 211 P.Res. In other words, terrible stats. Additionally, boosts Buff EX Skill time by 22% while Technique, which is also trash on an Out Fighter.

Jean-Luc Duval: D

Most gundam character names weird me out, but I love the name Jean-Luc Duval! Although he also sucks. He’s a defender, so that’s great, but he has well below average stats and reduces Vernier consumption by 15% when Speed, which is also rough.


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