Zoe Lee Karma Control Review

Zoe Lee Karma Control

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A bit of a chaotic deck, Zoe wants to cast as many Spells as possible - from as many different dimensions as possible - which Lee Sin uses to quickly become a powerful finisher. A leveled up Karma ensures Lee Sin's 2 Spell requirement is met with every Spell cast. 

Like other Lee Sin decks, this deck favors quick and cheap Burst Spells to not only quickly turn the tide of combat, but make the most out of Eye Of The Dragon and Lee Sin himself while making flagrant use of it's Region-exclusive counter Spells - Nopeify and Deny - to maintain control or ensure the final strike connects. 

Zoe is an early nuissance that can counter aggressive Control decks as well as generate Spells to start leveling up the other Champions quickly.


  • Zoe is good to see in your early hand, but be wary of decks which might carry quick removal from P&Z, Shadow Isle, Bilgewater, and Noxus. 
  • Build your hand for the midgame, so understand that in many cases it is preferable to save Mana the first few turns. Lee Sin is integral to this deck and should always be kept. Solari Priestess progresses both Zoe and Lee Sin's efforts and can chump block to survive the early game.

Early Game

  • Playing Zoe early is a bit of a risk/reward situation. If Zoe can get her Invoke and spell stealing effects going early, she can quickly overtake the curve; but just like Teemo, Zoe is weak to Thermogenic Beam, Death Ray, and the ever present Go Hard and is always a tempting play at 1 Mana.
  • Eye Of The Dragon and Spell Thief are great early plays to keep both hand size and Mana intact, which lend to this deck's penchant for quick, single turn KO's later. 

Mid Game

  • Save protection for Lee Sin, use Mountain Goat to apply pressure and defend before Lee Sin is ready. 
  • Try to safely board Eye Of The Dragon and Lee Sin and plan your attack with the Spells in your hand, using Deep Meditation to craft your victory turn.
  • Sparkfly is a great answer to opposing Ezreal, as this deck does not like single target removal, and the Lifesteal helps mitigate early damage along with other heals in this deck like Guiding Touch, Tasty Faefolk, Starshaping, and other options to Invoke.

Late Game

  • Lee Sin is usually the victory swing in this deck, as stated previously.
  • Karma is the final board piece to supercharge Lee Sin and the rest of the deck if victory is not already secured.
  • Save a counter - preferably a Deny - for your final swing to ensure that an errant Ruination or other quick removal doesn't ruin Lee Sin's Dragon Kick.


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