Good Time to Gacha - Magia Record Madoka Birthday Party!

Magia Record Madoka Birthday Bash

The Gacha to Start this week is Magia Record:

  • Free 10-pulls every day all week! (70 free pulls!) 
  • Madoka Birthday Set (Gold) includes a Guaranteed SSR magical girl ticket!
  • Madoka Birthday Party Banner - SSR magical girl pull guaranteed to be from the original Madoka Magica cast - Madoka, MamiSayaka, or Kyouko!

Gacha of the Week

Magia Record

This week’s pick is Aniplex's sophomore project Magia Record, a "side story" from the popular magical girl franchise Puella Magi Madoka Magica, in which you play as the baby Incubator Mokyu and guide Iroha Tamaka in her quest to find her missing sister.

Magia Record features a fully voiced main story, cute magical girls and bizarre enemies, and unveiling of a series of new mysteries within the Madoka universe.

Have you heard? Has anybody told you? A new MagiReco anime is coming soon!

About Magia Record

What Is Magia Record?

  • Turn-based tactical RPG
  • Cute magical girls and bizarre enemies
  • Fully-voiced main story and original animation set in the PMMM universe

You might like it if:

  • You're a fan of the magical girl genre.
  • You love the aesthetics and music of the Madoka franchise.
  • You like a strong narrative and mystery in your gacha.
  • You enjoy learning the motives and wishes of each girl you contracted.
  • You wish Fate/Grand Order had only cute girls.

Why Start Now?

Best time to Reroll

If you are the type to reroll for characters you like (or strong characters) there's never been a better time to do it. Free 10-pull tickets are considered login bonuses, so any new account can redeem them after completing Chapter 1 tutorial.

Plus you get a free 10-pull every single day! Check out our MagiReco Reroll Guide to get efficient rerolls, and write down your reroll accounts' transfer information. This way, you can log in to your reroll accounts everyday to multiply your chance of getting your favorite magical girl!

And remember, MagiReco has a 100-count pity counter. Even the unluckiest Mokyu will have at least one a 4★ (SSR) magical girl once their gacha counter hits 100 rolls!

Guaranteed SSR Ticket

Madoka's Party party also introduces two Madoka's Birthday Sets in the paid currency shop. They include some upgrade materials to jump-start your magical girls and Fate Weave tickets for rolling the gacha. 

If you don't mind spending a little cash, these gift sets represent excellent value for the price:

currency shop

More importantly, the Gold set includes a Guaranteed ★4 Ticket! 

4★ are the highest natural rarity for magical girls and these tickets only comes twice a year. The Birthday sets require "paid" Magia Stones.

The most efficient bundles to buy for the Gold set cost $33:

  • $25 bundle: 200 Paid Stones (and 52 bonus stones)
  • $4 bundle: 32 Paid Stones (and 4 bonus stones)
  • $4 30-day Magia Pass: 32 Paid Stones (and 5 bonus stones daily)

If you want to purchase both Birthday sets, the cheapest bundles to buy cost $44:

  • $40 bundle: 320 Paid Stones (and 90 bonus stones)
  • $4 30-day Magia Pass: 32 Paid Stone (and 5 bonus stones daily)

To learn more about your new contractee magical girls, check out the GamePress magical girl directory:

Madoka Birthday Banner

If you are trying Magia Record for the first time because of the anime series, you're in luck!

For the first time in the NA server, the 4★ magical girl pool is limited to just the original cast - Madoka, MamiSayaka, and Kyoko - in the Madoka Birthday Fate Weave.

madoka banner

Homura (Glasses) isn't on the gacha, instead you'll get a copy just from completing the tutorial! Check the right-most currency shop!

One last thing...

Don't forget to check out the ongoing event, See You Tomorrow. It's an excellent introduction to Magia Record!

Magia Record on the Play StoreMagia Record on iTunes


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