Fool's Gourd

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ID 1167
Cost 3
Base HP 0
Max HP 0
Base ATK 0
Max ATK 0


(Comes at max level)

Limit Break

Valentine's Chocolate from Demon King Nobunaga.

Increase Kira Kira Point drops by 10%. [Valentine 2022 Only]

Gives 30,000 CE XP when used as Experience fodder for other Craft Essences.

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Tawawa Minoru

A return gift from Oda Kippoushi.

A gourd that Kippoushi carried around on their hip when they were considered nothing more than a laughing stock by the other daimyo, and bore the moniker of the Fool of Owari. There's no particular history behind it; it's just an ordinary black gourd.

During this time, Nobunaga was noted to wear eccentric clothing while hanging around the castle town. Those who derided them as a fool, those who realized their actual's unclear what Nobunaga's true objective was, but the Fool of Owari's legend began here.

Wahahahaha! Now you are the Fool of Chaldea!